Ban put to test on 2nd day

  1. So I mentioned I was doing the ban thing because like I said I have 16 or 17 Coach bags. I just love Coach bags, have for several years now. I am not interested in graduating to a more expensive name (however I love looking at Hermes, Chanel and LV's) Well anyway, my friend called today and said she was hitting the outlet because she called and the holiday patchworks from last year are now at our outlet. I really liked last years pw but resisted going today so that I wouldn't be tempted.
  2. it's hard to be on a ban. i bet the longer you go the easier it will get for you. i wish you luck, but at the same time, i know how hard it is to resist a beautiful bag!

    I'm proud of you for not going to the outlet!
  3. haha i love the title of your post. You can do it!! You just have to get in the mindset that you are waiting for something great that hasnt even come out yet!