Ban Island

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  1. bag voodoo?? :lol:
  2. How about a BV “bag exchange”? We’d each bring any bags we’re ready to “release” and then trade among ourselves.
  3. Problem is I can’t bring myself to part with any BVs... how about we each bring our allowed 1 BV and share with everyone? That way, it still feels like we have a nice selection.

    I plan on being here on the island for a while, so I’ve got my Harry Potter magic tent pitched and am sipping a nice cocktail while waiting for others who want to join us.
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  4. BV daycare
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  5. totally! :yes:
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  6. All electronic devices are far outside the circle :lol:
  7. I quit drinking...:crybaby:
  8. as long as you don't have a fire nearby, and you don't start throwing them in one by one, it's ok, you can keep them.
    But should the Bag Police officer :sunnies: (in her new Bal logo sunnies) suspect any danger to the bags, they will be all confiscated immediately!
  9. I'll sleep in the larger ones...:giggle:
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  10. :lol: :lol:
  11. Shirley Temple, coming up!
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