Ban is off, bonus check is me splurge!

  1. Baby is out, bonus check just I can't wait to splurge. I was gonna get the Chanel GST Black with Silver Hardware but they are no where locally in Chicago area. And the Chanel boutique I called said they were not sure when they would get some.

    So, I am back to LV ...not that I ever leave it...Not sure if I want to get the new stuff like the Tivoli GM or some old stuffs that I have been wanting.
    So here are the options:
    Tivoli GM
    Vernis Brentwood/Houston in Amarante (I can never tell the diff between the two)
    Multicolore Priscilla in Black

    I like the style of XL in Black Denim but its too giant for me. I wish they make a smaller version of that...

    And this is how out of the loop I have been...I dont even know that you can eshopping at the LV Website now...
  2. How about the black denim neo cabby?
  3. Black denim neo cabby is nice.... but if we're working off your list, I say Black MC Priscilla-- MC is sooo special and perfect for this time of year, Christmas parties, etc.
  4. Yeah I saw the neo cabby in store last week. Somehow I did not fall in love with it.
  5. Tivoli or Priscilla !
  6. I would go with the Tivoli! I LOVE the Priscilla but sadly, it doesn't work for's very heavy when filled! I'm going to look at the Tivoli tonight since I can't seem to keep my ban...oh well lol!
  7. MC line is my favorite but are you only into the priscilla? I would go for a MC speedy.
  8. I know i'm in the LV forum and I'm a great LV lover but wait and get the chanel. :graucho: Those can be a once in a lifetime purchase for some so I'd hold off until you can get to a store. Don't hate me guys!!!
  9. the brentwood is larger, the houston is smaller but the inside is lined with leather and the brentwood is not... am I right ladies?
  10. Spot on!:supacool: I'm voting for Tivoli.
  11. i'm not crazy about any of the bags on your list, but have you seen the Denim/Mahina XL in real life? it's really not as big as some may have feared. i'm only 5'4", and it doesn't look too big on me; the leather/denim is so soft that you can adapt it to your own frame :yes:
  12. I do love my LV bags, but if I were you, I would wait for the Chanel.
  13. Sorry, guys I would not wait for the Chanel, but then again I am a total LV lover. Get the Tivoli! It is the perfect combination of slouch and form!
  14. Priscilla its gorgeous:heart:!
  15. Brentwood!