Ban didnt last!

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  1. Ok soooo I joined the ban club thread, but as I was surfing the forum I ran across the portobello club and I love it! The problem is I've had the artsy on my wishkist for a long time but I ha net gotten it yet so if you had to choose what would it be and why? Thanks ladies for your advice
  2. Hmmm What do you already have in your collection? If you need a Fall bag I say get the Portobella now and maybe the artsy for Spring?
  3. Im starting to love that Portobello.. I tryed so hard not too. I keep telling myself the strap is too short but the more I look at the pictures the more I'm LOVING it.. Told my hubby today I wanted this bag for my new winter bag.. Even though I live in California :giggles:
  4. I already have speedy 35 de, speedy mono 40, de nf gm, delightful gm, epi Alma pm
  5. Lol so is the portobello more of a winter/ fall bag. I can never tell the diff I carry for all seasons so I'm a lil lost lol
  6. BTW my vote is Portobello ;)
  7. The only reason I say winter bag is because you can use it in the rain unlike the Mono..
  8. :woohoo: Rock them LVs all season! Me too!!
  9. I'd choose the Portobello! The strap seems way more comfortable :smile:
  10. Portebello GM
  11. I love Artsy, the strap is beautiful, once the strap is broken down, it is very comfy and stylish.
  12. Definitely agree. I think the Portobello is beautiful but I think it's priced a little high for what it is. I think the Artsy is more worth the $$$ b/c it's different. I've seen a million other hobos that look like the Portobello.
  13. save for both.... :biggrin:
  14. That's a great idea, i like the way you think
  15. Don't blame you for not being on a ban. It's tough!! What do you have so far?

    I love the look of the artsy!!