Bam's Unholy Union/Viva la Bam

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  1. Superstar SkaterBoy Bam Margera's new show chronicles the planning of his wedding to childhood friend Missy Rothstein.

    If you missed his previous show, Viva la Bam, then this one will give you a chance to get to know the whole wacky Margera clan and their friends. There was a Viva la Bam marathon today, and there may be others, to help pump up the new show, if you have Dish, it will be Tuesday nights on MTV.

    Having seen the premiere episode of the new show, and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Mr Puff, I slurped down the Viva marathon, and have been glued to the screen much of the evening, utterly enchanted by the silliness and sweetness of Bam and his loved ones.

    Think of it as Little House on the Prairie on really good acid.

    Bam may be the most elementally likeable person on television. Even if you don't like the show, you will like Bam. He has what used to be called "charm." I don't know what it's called now, maybe there's not much need for a word for it anymore, since it seems to be an endangered trait.

    Anyway, the couple are registered at
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    The wedding is actually today, but I'm sure they won't mind belated gifts from fans. My guess is that Missy picked out most of the selections. She seems like a very sweet, very down-to-earth girl.

    Best wishes to this young couple for a joyous life together, which I sincerely believe they will accomplish.
    It's unusual to see a reality show that manages to offer all the craziness that ratings require, but is at the same time a tumulutous, heartwarming, zany and touching celebration of love and family values.

    I made the title about both shows, if the other one already has a thread, or it's against the rules to have two shows in a title, one of the wizards can change it, but I recommend that they do so before settling in for any extended Bam-viewing, as one's other plans for the day tend to sort of slip - or crash - through the cracks!
  2. Interesting...I had no idea about any of this.
  3. Apparently, his fiance knows what she is getting into. More power to her. It's hysterical you found their registry!! LOL
  4. I saw it for the first and last time today......crazy
  5. I caught the first episode on Saturday...I love it!
  6. I finally saw an episode of this show. It seems sooo fake. Bam is acting for the cameras. They should know by now that reality shows will doom any relationship (nick & jess, bobby & whitney, shanna & travis...)
  7. I am glad Missy got Bam back for once in the last episode. That was pretty good.
  8. I was actually at his "bachelor party" in Vegas--got to hang in the Penthouse suite at the Hard Rock (the one with the 24-hr staffed bar and bowling lane!!)...MTV was there filming the entire thing the entire night--it was absolutely crazy but soooo fun!

    I only home Bam and Missy don't fall prey to the MTV 'curse' on marriages that get reality shows...:nuts: