Bambu bags?

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  1. I love that color! Bambu :biggrin:

    Anyone know if Prada made this bag in any styles besides BR4281 & BR4259- the satchels?

    Are there other styles in this color still available?
  2. I've seen the colour in BN1336 and BN17xx.
    I can't remember the exact model no. of the second bag but it's a bigger version of the BN1336.
  3. Hi,

    Saw ur post re. Bambu colour, could you pls do me a great favour & see if this is the colour? & also whether you know the model no. of this bag.

    I'm tryin to sell it off but not sure of the details as my mom bought it in Europe


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  4. dallasgirl - it also came in br4238 & bn1789. i just bought the last br4238 from Joanna. br4238 pic attached. i will upload a pic for bn1789 later.

    Joanna said she is sold out of all bambu. i also heard that it is a discontinued color. maybe im wrong. more knowledgeable tpfers can chime in. it is a gorgeous color tho.

    dino - the bag you have, i think it is br4238. look at my pic & see if it's the same one.
  5. here are the pictures

    1st pic is BR4238 in bambu
    2nd pic is BN1789 in bambu
    3rd pic is BN1789 in bambu with shoulder strap
    4th pic is BN1789 in pomice - light grey. just so you can see what BN1789 looks like.

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  6. Hi Midnite Sun

    YEs YES!! Thats my bag... haha.. Any idea how much is it retailing for? I called the PRada shop in Spore but they dun hv this model in the system so they are unable to tell me how much is the retail price

    I'm planning to sell off this bag as my mom bought it in Europe but then realised that the bag is kinda heavy & makes her shoulder ache..

  7. Midnitesun - I asked Joanna about Bambu and she said it's discontinued. I actually wanted that over nero. Oh well!

  8. dinobaby - hawaii had that bag for $1770 before sale. i bought it on sale for almost $1300. that is hawaii though. mainland usa might be more. im guessing $2000+ before sale. don't quote me on this. ;) what color is it? also good luck selling. i contacted fashionphile to sell my bambu one & they told me they could give
    me $520. mine is brand new in box, never used. this makes me want to stop buying highend designer bags all together,

    charmosa - that is too bad. maybe you will find another color. im looking for degrade ice but joanna doesn't have any. :sad: