Bambou Birkin

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  1. Hi Ladies (and Gents),

    I am back with another dilemma! Should I choose a Bambou Togo Birkin w/ GHW in 25cm or 30cm??? The 25cm is available now. The 30 I need to wait, and I guess there is never any guarantee...

    I am 5'4" and 95 lb so either one looks okay on me. HELP!!
  2. 25 are so sweet. I would get that one!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Bamboo is gorgeous and ghw is so hard to get! But do you have a 30 or 25 already? I have both and honestly the 25 is really cute but can't put much. I don't find it practical for daily use and I use my 30 and 35 a lot more. Im 5ft 3 and a size 2. You can hardly squeeze both hands through the 25, so I normally carry both handles and hardly have the handles sit on my forearm. So my question to you is what is the purpose of your bag? Can you carry small bags all the time? Or is this just a bag for occasional use? Good luck choosing.
  4. Agree. 25 is divine and with the bamboo, it would be a wonderful pop of colour.
  5. If you are not planning to put a lot of stuff in it, get the 25. I think bamboo is such a bright color that it looks nicer on a smaller bag. 25s are so hard to come by.
  6. I would get the 25 since it's rare to find that size and the colour and combo would be very cute.
  7. I have that combo in a 30, and I'm about the same size. I can't imagine going smaller than a 30, but if you like the 25 and don't find it to be too small, why not get it now.
  8. Bamboo B in any size is just simply gorgeous!!! To me, a 25 would be a perfect bag for dinner and special occasions. For day-to-day use, it'd be rather small unless you only carry a few items. I'm 5' 1" and prefer a 35 for day-to-day bag. I don't carry a lot but just like to have the room.
  9. 25 is sweet n cute
    30 is practical n value for money
    If u dont plan to use it as daily bag go for 25
  10. For that color, 25cm for sure!
  11. I normally don't even fill up my chanel jumbo nor my B30 so as you can see I normally don't carry a lot. But for the price of a Birkin and sake of functionality, I wouldn't go for a B25. As for you, is this an "events" bag or a "daily" bag? That will help you determine to go for it or not. GL and post pics whichever one you do get! :smile:
  12. Definitely 25cm if you don't need it as a daily bag. That would be an awesome color for a small bag! I'm jealous!
  13. i have 2 25s. i found the 30 too big actually. i find that it fits plenty. i use it daily with no problems size wise but i don't carry a ton and am used to chanel 226 reissues and medium flaps. i can easily fit:
    bearn or kelly wallet
    sunglasses & case
    somewhat large key ring with keychain
    several lipglosses/sticks
    galaxy s3

    i can even get a gm shawl in there if necessary.

    so jealous a b25 bambou is one of my hg bags!
  14. I think you should pass and get the 30 only if you tend to carry more.
  15. 25. I think that's a great piece in bamboo.