bamboo shopper - black or nude?

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  1. i have been in love with the bamboo shopper for a while now and i saw it in store. i saw the black and nude.. but now i can't decide which color to get!

    I'm wondering if i should get it as a spring/summer bag in the nude color. but my friend thinks the bamboo handle makes it look more spring summer and not something id carry in the winter.. which means i can go with the nude color.

    but they're both so beautiful. which color to go with?? do you carry your bamboo shopper year round? any input is appreciated!
  2. I vote for black. The contrast with the bamboo handles is stunning. I carry mine more during the fall/winter because mine is more of a dark brown. Go with what you love! I seldom stick to the season's color schemes anyway. :smile:
  3. I have a black older version and i carry it all Summer.

    I agree with ladybeaumont, the handles provide interest (mine also have basket weaving) so I never feel like it's 'just' a black bag.

    However, don't buy black because it makes sense to your friend or we have black. Although I carry the bag in Summer I love having and changing to lighter colour bags for warmer months (especially totes). Maybe your wardrobe means nude is an all-year colour too.
  4. I think they are both beautiful. I tend to favor black bags over lighter bags but that's personal preference and my fear of my kids dumping something on a light bag ;)

    Which one is calling to you?
  5. Noir too
  6. I personally carry a camel colored bag year round. Black and nude are lovely colors. What color do you need in your collection?
  7. thank you for all the replies!

    they are both so beautiful.

    i don't NEED any more bags actually! i guess that is why it is so difficult to decide. i don't do a lot of color for clothing (usually black / grey but in the summer i do wear other colors) so i like to have color in my accessories. for a while, i only bought non-black bags. then i realised that i didn't have any nice black bags so all i bought was black after that. now my collection is more balanced but i think my love for black is making me lean towards the black and i do think that id get more wear out of the black one. but i know the nude one i will love carrying this summer!

    will decide this weekend!
  8. I have the bamboo shopper and also some other Gucci handbags with bamboo handles and carry all of them all year. My bamboo shopper is fuchsia and I use it in whatever season I please. If you don't feel comfortable carrying a bamboo-handled bag in the winter, then buy the lighter-colored one.
  9. i went with black! no doubt in my mind when i went to look at them again.

    one question i did not think about is - how do the bamboo handles wear over time? they must rub against each other when you're holding the handles? does the wood get darker from holding them? (kind of sweaty hands here..)
  10. Bamboo is one of the strongest and hardiest of materials, you shouldn't have to worry about either

    If you have the plastic bands, store in the plastic bands. This will ensure they don't move outwards sideways (bamboo like to naturally straighten). If the store didn't give you them just call and ask.
  11. Definitely don't need to worry about darkening on the bamboo handles, but yes they may warp outwards over time as they are trying to unbend itself

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  12. Good for you on the black. I have learned over time to shop for what I love, not what's practical. I feel satisfied. I have black and I think the bamboo stands out. Enjoy your shopper!