Bamboo print

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  1. Hi! New here :smile:

    Can you lovely ladies offer me any advice on finding totes in the Bamboo print?

    Are there many fake Bamboos on eBay?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Do you mean the lesportsac remix bamboo print ones? The only place I know of is eBay. They don't carry much for lesportsac where I live so I don't know of any other places. I don't think there would be any fakes on eBay in that print.
  3. There was a bunch of the bamboo print bags at Marshalls and TJ Maxx a few months ago, and Loehmans might still have some. Other than that you best place would be ebay, and they're reletivly cheap too
  4. Blackwidow: No, just the plain Lesportsac w/ no leather. Thanks :smile:
  5. as far as i know, there have been 2 bamboo prints. the first one was a few years ago, called bamboo basket. the color is tan. you can rarely find one on ebay. and the other one just called bamboo. it comes in different background color, they are white, brown and pink. i recently saw the brown one on ebay.