Bamboo on a Shoulder bag

  1. Does it get painful after a while? I know the Bamboo won't give so will it start to dig into my shoulder the heavier the bag gets?

    I'm thinking of getting this bag. New ad in the November 2006 issue::drool:

    CUTE, HUH??!?!?!
  2. i can feel the pain just from seeing the Pic :x

    Gorgeous bag though :drool:
  3. ^^^that's funny :roflmfao:

    Now I'm really having second thoughts! But it's soooo cute!
  4. I had a bamboo handle bag.....Didnt hurt at all to carry it
  5. I never this is part of the upcoming Spring line... any idea when this bag will be available in stores?
  6. that bag is stunning... python is my fave leather!
    the gucci bamboo handles are gorgeous but can get really annoying to carry around all day! trust me, i have a few vintage bamboo handle tote bags and a briefcase and it gets really bad. i can't imagine it on the shoulder!! ouch!!
  7. yes this bag is spring line...they're taking preorders now-- it should be in stores by dec or jan
  8. Yes, I had three, sold two. The bamboo hurts so bad. You have to carry it on your arm or by the handle. The purse in the ad is soo cute. When I saw the ad, I was like too cute but I can't do it again.
  9. good news!! the bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap!
    and it's only 3690
  10. you can see it here...

  11. I had the bamboo stripes tote. definitely painful. I had to sell it because of that. Good this one has detachable straps. Beautiful Bag!:balloon:
  12. Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum. I tried on some of the bamboo hangle bags last year when I wwas in Vegas. They were on sale and I as trying to buy one. But, I could see immediately it was notgoing to be comfortable-not even for 5 minutes.