Bamboo handles ...

  1. So what a stupid observation, but after all this time of owning my very first gucci bamboo handled bag, I was so in "awe" of how the heck they got the bamboo to bend like that for the handles.....and then I was at my local Home Depot (like a big huge hardware/home/Nursey store) and purchased these arched bamboo trelassis (sp?) for some plants in my backyard. They were like, $5.99 for 3 of them. I kept thinking -- it must not be such a hard thing to do!! And after all these times of trying to analyze how Gucci must have done that.

    Anyhow, I owe CHLOE_CONCORD a huge THANK YOU for the tip that the bag I had bought had gone on sale b/c Nordstroms matched the price that Saks had, had online. I saved over $900. Nice. Now I feel much better about those bamboo handles (b/c I thought THAT those handles must have been the reason for the huge price tag), LOL.

    But seriously, I love the bamboo a lot, just the price originally for the bag was insane and was bothering me quite a bit. NOw I feel a bit better.
  2. You are more than welcome and I am glad to see tPFers here can save big bucks off their favorite bags.:P You know what, my Dh has the same question about that bamboo handles ,but he has to admit the hardware and the craftman of Gucci bags are superb.

    I tried to wear this tote over shoulder, the bamboo handles do hurt a bit,but much better than mombassa's horn handle. :love:
  3. The bamboo handles are steamed to get the bent shape.
  4. is it uncomfortable? im thinking about whether or not i should buy a gucci with bamboo handles or not.. :sad:
  5. anyone with pics carrying their bamboo handled gucci's? :smile:
  6. It's more comfortable then it looks - but it does dig in a little when the bag is too heavy.
  7. My first designer bag was a Gucci with bamboo handles...I must have used that bag for 2-3 years...the bamboo was still in great shape after heavy seems to be pretty hardy material. Congrats again, Mammab!
  8. I purchased a couple of bamboo handled bags this summer that really could be used all year (black suede/patent and brown guccissima). I've always felt the bamboo handles were really for summer, but the SAs have all said they are useable all year and the bamboo is really more of a statement than a seasonal detail. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  9. I just purchased the medium black leather hobo with the bamboo rings and bamboo zipper pull. All I can say is that the bamboo is what makes the bag super hot! I received so many compliments and questions about the brand of the bag in the one day I wore it out. So, yes, I do think it's definitely a statement bag. Enjoy your bags!
  10. BPB - So will you wear it through the fall and winter?
  11. Yes. I will definitely wear it in the fall and winter!
  12. Thanks, I will too!
  13. Bamboo handles were created by Gucci in 1947. Italy was still torn apart from years of war and fascism, thus raw materials were hard to come by...funny that a design made to cut costs has become such a favorite among the upper level consumers:yes:
  14. chloe
    I had a Gucci hobo with a bamboo handle many years ago.. It would cut into the shoulders when the bag got heavy.. I have been carrying the Moombasa until early last year.. I find the horn handle much more comfortable as YSL places it rather ergonomically.. and I carry real heavy stuff.. my OB had saw me heaving my Moombasa down on the chair during my prenatal check up .. he had walked around his desk to weigh in my purse in his hand and then ordered me to shed the load!
  15. My favourite Gucci bags are the ones with bamboo handles, do you remember the ones with the flowers on a white background from a few years back? Does anyone have one? Pics would be good!