Bamboo Birkin 30: yay or nay

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  1. It’s such a personal preference but I adore Bamboo. It’s such a fun, bright, happy color that can add pop to an otherwise neutral wardrobe. You should look at it in person. If you’re not accustomed to bright colored bags, you may not be comfortable going out with it, especially as it’s on a larger size than you originally requested.
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  2. I have a Bambou B 35 with gold hardware and it’s dreamy! It’s a gorgeous pop color with neutral outfits. If you haven’t seen it in person you definitely need to!
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  3. While I’m not a pop kinda gal, I surely admire those who can.....I say if you like it....go for it. I’d love to see it if you decide to get it.
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  4. Thanks everyone for your advice. I actually love the bamboo color and it has been on my B/K wishlist over the years. It is just that I am not quite accustomed to pop color bags that I am worrying the bamboo won’t match well with my earth tone wardrobe. I definitely would pay a visit to the store and take a look at the bag next week to see how I like it. I’ve already made an appointment with my SA for that!
  5. To wear Bamboo is similar to wearing red. It is bright and beautiful, and you need to be comfortable with a pop of color. However, it can be a versatile color with many wardrobe pieces. I have a Balenciaga bag that is very similar to H bamboo, and while it is nice to look at and I could wear it often, I generally steer toward navy, grey, cream, beige, brown, or plum colors. I suggest looking at Pinterest outfit ideas with this color bag to see if you would be able to put some of them together and wear them in your life.
  6. I pulled together a few photos from Pinterest which might give you some ideas. There is a Kelly or two in there and a couple of bags that aren’t exactly bamboo, but maybe this will still be helpful. Can you tell that I really love the idea of a bamboo Birkin? E33F35B1-781E-4604-B65C-046D316E223F.jpeg 6115BDB0-AA52-4343-8B86-6547B132811A.jpeg BA90B6AC-E420-4E0C-B349-1F967353B40D.jpeg 7CF19FFA-4D15-4FE1-9059-49B76B9C330E.jpeg 2A1DA05F-5708-4F86-8F9C-41288725A74B.jpeg 24A91BD7-EB9B-4E21-B0A7-8C51B0086011.jpeg 8850723C-7D77-4998-AF3E-7F6E30A1EA8F.jpeg 1635E360-9C53-421C-A7AD-C29FD3FA2908.jpeg 0DF78708-6355-468D-9A7D-81027E6B5958.jpeg 6666BAB9-A7ED-46F6-A126-2B240ABA5198.jpeg
  7. Absolutely love bambou, but I personally prefer PHW with this color (and I’m usually a GHW gal). I think it’s worth a look though.

    Most importantly, make sure that this is exactly what you want. If you truly want VC, then I would ultimately wait.
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  8. Bambou is gorgeous
    Very easy to match
  9. This post made me laugh, because when I was buying my current car my heart was set on grey, but while signing the paperwork the salesman tried to pull a fast one on the price we negotiated and I ended up walking out on the deal. Luckily I had a back up with another dealership in town, same car but bright medium blue, the car I was trading in was almost the exact color actually, so definitely a color I like. Well, got to that dealership, started doing paperwork to buy the bright blue car, saw a baby blue version parked out back and fell in love. Ended up with the baby blue, still have that car almost 10 years later, still in love, don't want to trade it in until I absolutely have to. So you never know, sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to.

    Back to the bag, I think the Bamboo with GHW is a lovely combination and I'd be all over that if I was looking for a green B.
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  10. When I bought my Porsche, I had my heart set on pearl white with beige leather interior. I looked and waited for nearly 2 years. Then when I saw the selection on the lot, I ended up taking the grey one with red leather interior. I would never have thought I would have picked that car. I surprised myself. But I love it! Bags can be the same way.
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  11. Good for you that your purchases worked for you and you both loved them. It’s like saying you are in an H store and you are looking at one bag and while looking around you saw another one that made your heart sing. By all means, change your mind and purchase that bag if you want to. In this case though, the SA is saying that she doesn’t have the bag that the buyer wants but wants to show another kind. She did not pick it herself. So, if she knows in her heart she really dislikes the specifications, then why bother? Of course, if she wants to see the bag, that is her prerogative too. I hope she finds what she truly likes and enjoys it too.
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  12. I think it depends on your height. For me bright color depends on the proportion because I like bright color is smaller bags. If you are tall then I think bamboo would be a great pop of color that can go with a lot of outfits. Or else a b25 pop of color would be my preferred size. I also not a huge fan of bamboo with ghw (and all my quota bags are ghw).
  13. I don't own bamboo, but I do own vert Vertigo - which is also a pop colour green and let me tell you that the colour works with everything, it's like red or orange. I find it very versatile. Go for it!!

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  14. Gorgeous
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