Bamboo Birkin 30: yay or nay

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  1. Hi gals, I was originally waiting for a birkin 25 in the new seasonal green color Vert Criquet, but my SA just spoke to me and asked if I would be interested in a B30 in bamboo with ghw. I am fine with the size 30 but just unsure about the bamboo color. What do you gals think about this reissued green color of Hermes? Do you consider bamboo to be too bright for my earth tone daily outfits? Thanks a million.
  2. If you like green, you absolutely need to see this bag!!!!!! It is a pop color but works well with neutrals.
  3. I’ve seen both greens and bamboo is a saturated green while vert criquet looks pastel-ish. Bamboo is not very bright but definitely pops. I personally feel that bamboo will be easier to wear and match with clothes than vert criquet. Both are pretty greens though!
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  4. They are very different greens, go see it in person if you can! I absolutely would love bamboo but that's me and color preferences are just incredibly personal.
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  5. Bamboo is a beautiful green color, I think it's a reissued color for this season. I think it would be beautiful with your earth tone outfits. It's definitely worth seeing in person.
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  6. I have a bamboo ghillies b30 with phw, and I never thought it’d be easy to match with my clothes but it does. Like they already said, it’s a great pop of color. And I bet with ghw it would be amazing!
  7. I love green, and you want a pop of color. You might go and look at it.
  8. I had a bamboo kelly. I found it really hard to wear as i found it very bright. Part of the issue might have been that i had it in a kelly35 and so it was massive. I used it a few times and then realised that it was a skunk and replaced it with a colvert. I think you really have to try it to decide.
  9. I have 2 Bambou H bags and they are my only 'pop' colours. Obviously I love Bambou, but I also know VC would not really work for me so we may have different taste.

    It leans on the warm in sunshine and is straight down the middle in cloudy weather so not only works for me all year round but mutates to work with my wardrobe SS and AW.

    My only reservation is I much prefer B with phw.
  10. While I like the colour of Bambou, it is way too bight for me.
  11. Bambou is so so stunning in real life, and a fantastic pop of colour!
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  12. I prefer Bambou to Vert Cricket. You should take a look at this bag.
  13. Bambou is BEAUTIFUL, but not with GHW.
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  14. As these two lovely posters have said - I also think Bamboo is much easier/nicer to match than VC. That though might mean it’s honestly easier OR that our styles our different.

    For example I wear earth tones a lot and to me VC just doesn’t go that well with that, too washed out but not in a neutral way like lighter brown or grey tones. I feel like to me with VC I’d keep having to either wear super washed out colors or white, OR everything green tone so the VC doesn’t look out of place (as per MY style of course). Whereas with bamboo, I can super easily see it going with the earth tones that I usually wear. It’s just a “cleaner” color to me.

    anyway all that is to say that I’d jump at the bamboo but our styles seem different since you were going for VC.
  15. You can go ahead and take a look if you really want to. But for a bag with that price, I will make sure that I will get what I truly wanted. It's about a price of a car. If you requested your car dealer for a fire red spots car and he delivers a Maroon Red, would you take it just like that? From what you said here, it seems that you don't really like it. If you have to convince yourself that you like it, then you don't really like it. Just my thoughts.