Bambinone? or Stellina?

  1. Just curious, I'm looking for something that is an across the shoulder bag. I have a foresta stellina, but am debating about whether I should get the bambinone in amore or in a stellina. The foresta stellina feels ok. What do you guys think? Anyone out there own both and which do you prefer?
  2. I have a citta stellina and a pirata bambinone...I like both of them, I'd prefer to use the bambinone more though. I think it's cuter! :smile:
  3. Yeah, I like the bambinone doesn't cut the print up like the stellina.
  4. Yup I have both and like the bambinone better. But you can put slightly bigger things in the stellina since it's not divided into two compartments like the Bambinone is..
  5. i was wondering, could you fit a small book into the bambinone?
  6. I was wondering that too. It seems like from some pics that the bambinone and stellina are roughly the same size, just different in shape.
  7. okay let me go try....

    A regular sized paperback fits in either. My Harry Potter paperback fits easily in the Stellina, requires some wiggling to get it in the Bambinone.

    The Stellina will even fit BOTH at the same time easily with a fair amount of room leftover. I could probably squeeze both in the Bambinone but it's a tight fit and nothing else is going in there with them!

    According to the Lesportsac website the Stellina is 8.5 x 10 the Bambinone is 6.25 x 8 so it is significantly smaller. Plus it is split into two compartments while the Stellina is only one.
  8. I have both but I prefer my stellina... But if you already have a stellina I would recommend getting a bambinone...
  9. can i see a stellina and bambinone in use?
  10. yay! I just bidded on and one a bambinone on eBay for 124.99 plus $12 shipping. Pulse isn't getting bambinones so this was a deal considering the shipping. so basically 6.99 for shipping to "The last frontier" (dun dun dun *imagine dramatic music*). Hahah. Yeah I decided that the bambinone would be great for everyday things since the stellina I have is too big for everyday, but not big enough for my work stuff (I have to carry scrubs and changing stuff). So I realized that I need either big bags, or little bags and that the in-betweenies don't really ever get touched. Now that I got a bambinone, I think I'll cancel the stellina I preordered with Pulse.
  11. I don't have a stellina but the bambinone is awesome... you can stuff it and not have it appear big! you can fit a DVD in there just fine... I usually carry it when I need my thick checkbook and I want to have my ds lite on me. It can also fit a water bottle and then some in it as well... :lol: i surprised my bf because I stole a water bottle from him and it "disappeared" while we were out. It didn't look any different when it was in my bag
  12. it can fit a water bottle:confused1: big is your water bottle :lol:
  13. I was bored and took lotsa pictors! hehehe... it helps if one side is less full than the other
    DSC04646.JPG DSC04647.JPG DSC04648.JPG DSC04649.JPG DSC04653.JPG
  14. wow thanks for the pics that was fast!! :biggrin: who could of thought of fitting a water bottle in there... i know i wouldnt :biggrin: :lol:
  15. wow. so you can fit lots of stuff in there... o_o

    could i see a picture of someone modeling it? gahhh, i sound so greedy right now. -_-