bambino - which print to consider?

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  1. lately, i've been wanting to add a bambino to my collection (don't own one yet). need some help/ suggestions on which print to get it in.... which do you think would look best/cutest on a bambino? :cutesy:

    i'm considering:
    - famiglia
    - tutti
    - trasporto
    - vacanze
    - pirata (only if it starts selling at the outlets)
  2. i don't like it but it'd look good in the famiglia or tutti i think with the spacing of chracters in trasporto i think you'd lose some of the print, but it's up to you what makes you happy!
  3. famiglia would look cute in bambino :yes:
    or Vacanze with your perfect placement :tup:
  4. any and all!

    famiglia - good simple print
    tutti- it'll look hot with the b/w scheme
    trasporto - good to get a specific character u want
    vacanze - good for a specific character scene u want captured
    pirata - GORGEOUS

    if u cant tell i'm a bambino fan!
  5. I agree with socprof, with the charatcer spacing on trasporto, it'd be hard to get a lot of characters on a bag so small. Then again, not having seen the print on an actual bag .. maybe the spacing isn't THAT bad?

    I agree that tutti or famiglia would prolly be better choices. You def. can't miss with famiglia since it's not a scene .. just characters in circles.

    You know what ... when it comes down to it .. I'm gonna say get the bambino in whatever print you like most cuz what's cutest is whatever u think is cutest :yes:
  6. hey that's pretty good bubblesung! i like that!
    (If i ever get a bambino in those, i'll take that tip!)
  7. I agree. The bambino is great for getting a specific character. I got the adios and ciaociao character that I wanted for my bambino and it is great if you don't give a poop about the other characters.
  8. I think the famiglia would look especially cute in a bambino - mainly because you wouldn't have to worry about which parts of the print you wouldn't be getting. You'll get a lot of characters in their little bubbles.
  9. i think any prints will look good on bambino, even a busy print like long as u get a good placement on it.
  10. I'm going to have to vote for Tutti. I'm not a fan of the bambino in general, but I think it'd look really cute with the Tutti print!!

    I saw a print out of a BV with the Trasporto print and it is pretty spaced out...
  11. i like smaller prints on smaller bags, so i would go with the famiglia for that size.
  12. I think bubblesung got that nailed down perfectly. :tup: Well said!
  13. thanks everyone for your suggestions, do keep them coming in :smile:

    looks like famiglia is most highly recommended for bambino, i guess it's true cuz it's not so much a "scene" print. oooh... but the idea of getting a perfect placement (even for vacanze) on a bambino sounds real cute too! gotta start planning what to get in upcoming prints.... can't wait to check out the bags in person.

    for vacanze, i'm toying between two extremes.. it's either getting a real small bag like bambino with my fav. scene/characters on it, or getting a big bag like BV/giocco with as much print as possible. it's so hard to decide without seeing anything... and we usually don't get much selections for the bags here, very limited pieces for style/print.
  14. It'd definitely be cute with a famiglia or tutti so you don't miss out on a scene!
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