Bambino vs. Bambinone?

  1. Hello all! I just recently joined this forum and have found it soo helpful! Right now I am trying to decided which style of bag to reserve in the Amore print...the Bambino or the Bambinone. Most of my bags are pretty small - I only carry around a wallet, keys, cell phone, lipstick, gum and sometimes an ipod nano so I don't need a very large bag (I bought a Pirata Mamma Mia and it's pretty big!) Which do you think would be better for me? Can the Bambino be carried comfortably on the shoulder? Does anyone have photos of themselves carrying either bag? Please help! :yes:
  2. bambinone is small but can definitely hold quite a lot! i think with the items you listed, the bambino would be an awesome fit if you like bags that sit underneath your armpit...i'd personally prefer the bambinone because it shows off more print and is versatile to hold your items comfortably and more...without seeming like such a big bag
  3. I like the Bambinone because of the adjustable strap. I can wear it on my shoulder or as a messenger. It would not be too big for the stuff you are talking abut carrying but you would have room for more if you wanted to carry something else.
  4. I love my bambione and its perfect for the essentials plus a little extra. I dont have a bambino but its meant to be a handbag and not a shoulder bag. I dont think it would be comfortable to carry on your shoulder and I'm not sure that the strap is even long enough to carry it on your shoulder.
  5. I really like the bambinone :smile: It looks small but like most lesportsac bags you can fit tons in it! also I tend to like having the strap across on my chest so I don't have to pay attention to it much but at the same time you can shorten it.

    Like Lattegrl said the babino is meant as a handbag. I'm a pretty small person but the bambino feels a little to big to be a shoulder bag. Then again I tried it on when it had stuffing :p I personally liked the shape of the dolce for a shoulder bag but I've also read that people find that one tight as well. So I guess it just depends on you.

    I could post up pictures later since I recently aquired a paradiso bambino and I have a foresta bambinone :biggrin:
  6. oooh i would like to see pics of your foresta bambinone :biggrin:
  7. I have a bambino and it fits quite a lot! I use my ciao ciao or ciao shoulder strap when I want to use it as a shoulder or body bag. But its definitely not meant to be a shoulder bag without me attaching one of my shoulder straps. The strap on it is meant to be carried by hand or elbow, writst. I love putting my shoulder strap on it to be hands free and then when I just need to pick it up quickly and carry it, the handle works great for that at the same time. Lots of other purses offer both on bags, but the toki bags don't. I made my own because there are many times I want both on my bag at the same time!
  8. Thank you all so very much for the fast responses! I think the Bambinone sounds more like what I'm looking for so I think I'll go with that one :smile:

    tehlilone, I would love to see a photo of you carrying your bambinone if it's not too much trouble! :smile:
  9. pesciolino - I have had both, and I sold my bambinone, and I still have my bambino. I think for your stuff, a bambino is definitetely big enough, but it is not a great shoulder bag, if you want that then a bambinone is better. good luck and let us know what you get!