Bambino question?

  1. Anyone have any pictures of them with their bambinos? And how much can they hold? I'd love a guts picture. :biggrin: THANKS!
  2. wow, that is alot of stuff!!! :smile:
  3. yep!! it actually has a TON of room.. i love bambinos!! i would post a "gut" pic but someone already has :>
  4. Yeah I'm surprised it could fit that much too! lol
  5. whoa..i didn't know it can fit a lot, let alone a psp! i'm amazed:nuts:
  6. Ahh Bambinos are my favorite! They do hold a ton than you think. But here's my family! My son needed me to hold his DS Lite when we were at the mall one day.. it fit in there with all my other stuff!
  7. It's like the perfect length for a psp!
  8. i love bambino's! I own 2, citta & inferno. Also, I'm planning to get one in Vacanze.
  9. Leen619: i like all ur bambinos! perfect placements on all of them..ipod gurl everywhere!