Bambino Playground Original Print on Ebay

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  1. Wow, and it's here in Hawaii! I wonder why it's startin so cheap? haha. I would be interested...but I've got a playground bella comin my way ;) But if it sells for cheap..maybe i might...hahahaha.
  2. hehe. I don't personally love the print, but i know everyone else does :smile: hehe.

    i sort of want a caramellina in it!..just not at the crazy price on ebay they're going for!
  3. awww I love that!! Unfortunately I wouldn't know what to do with a bambino even tho I have one. Still, so tempting tho.
  4. *cough* bambino's are too small...i learned my lesson.
  5. yeah they looked so cute yet so small at the store :P
  6. Cute!! But yeah, the bambinos are too small :sad: Now if that was a bambione.. :graucho:
  7. now that i got a stellina, i think the bambinone is small for me :nuts:
  8. Really? IDK I'm not a big fan of velcro :Push: I only got the denaro because the velcro is really small.. Is stellina the smallest one of that style bag?
  9. yup stellina is the smallest compared to campeggio lol... idk i find the velco much easier to access my goodies :P
  10. Well it's up to $41 ... lol I guess it didn't take long for the bids to start going up.

    Ahh I showed my bambino to my sister and she said it looks like something for a little kid. She said it looked very disproportionate next to me. But ... I couldn't bear to return it so I kept it. I still have time to return it tho .. we'll see