Bambino, Dolce & Bocce pics needed please.

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  1. Can anyone post pics of their Bambino, Dolce or Bocce pics please. I am looking for modeling pics so I can see how big or small these actually are in person before I order them. Can be any print. Also if you can post inside pics as well as how much fits in it would be super helpful too!!

  2. I posted a pic of my bambino and how much it holds in another thread... try searching for threads that I've started... called 'my new goodies' or something.
  3. ok I just went to macys and saw them IRL. Don't care for the dolce and the bocce is super duper tiny. They didn't have the bambino but did have the bambinone. Now I can't remember which one I really liked the last time I was in macys. I thought it was the bocce but it was so much bigger.......would it be the zucca?

    Anyone have pics of them wearing a zucca?? they didn't have one at macys
  4. Someone posted a pic of themselves w/their amore zucca on it's probably in one of the amore threads :shrugs: You should try searching for it.
  5. The Zucca is WAY bigger than the bocce. Like 5 times bigger. Maybe more. And I'm not exagerating!

    There are pictures *somewhere* of bubblesung with her Paradiso Zucca. It was those pictures that convinced me I had to have one too....
  6. okay the search functions stinks........I can't find pics of someone modeling a zucca.
  7. If you go to the livejournal tokidoki community at the top there is a link to people modeling the different styles of bags...
  8. Here's the pic of the zucca that has since been returned. :crybaby:
  9. you rock!! thanks for posting a pic and WHY did you return it?? it's so cute! oh and where did you return it............maybe I can get it. :graucho: