*BAM*! RED lipstick

  1. What's the verdict on it? I'm typically a naked-lipped girl -just chapstick or light gloss. But yesterday I was wearing a very blah outfit that I thought waranted RED. It was a 3/4 sleeve stripped gray/black sweater with dark skinny jeans, silver ballerina flats, black balenciaga city on my shoulder, no jewelry (I have poison ivy on my neck so I'm trying not to adorn that particular area), and my hair pulled up in a bun. By itself it envoked Audrey Hepburn a bit, and a 50's, 60's simplicity - and so to jazz it up I just decided I needed red lipstick - and BAM - I was like a different person. FIERCE. Buuuttttt... I debated whether or not it could pass for gothic... and I don't want to look like a vampire! I want to look glossy-magazine, chic, high fashion! Sooooo - whatcha'll think?
  2. Sounds like you are on point to me. Red lipstick is very BAM so everything else should be toned down and spare- ie other make up, and jewelry. Red lipstiick can elevate a simple look to be polished.
  3. I like red lipstick but i my favorite is orange flip is kinda of like a tone down red,so it's look really pretty and chic :biggrin:
  4. I think red lipstick has its place. It sounds liked it worked really well with what you were wearing. I like it for some occasions, but I definitely think if the lips are red, the eyes and rest of the face should be subtle.
  5. I like red lipstick but I prefer red lipgloss. Red>pink. Atleast on my lips.
  6. Red lipstick makes a statement so I agree with being careful that the rest of what one is wearing isn't too "busy". But just look at someone like Gwen Stefani - she wears red lipstick practically everyday and manages to make it look good.

    For me I'm a still a little timid when it comes to red lipstick, so I prefer red gloss instead. When I'm feeling bold I put red lipliner underneath. Someday I'll be ready for red lipstick!
  7. I just took some photos with my macbook - this is the red and me and well, how I go with red.


    Honest opinions please!!! :yes:
  8. It definitely works on you! Very nice!
  9. Especially if you are over 25, remember to crank your eyes waaay down if you are going to wear red lipstick. You can have eyes, or you can have lips, but only if you are very young can you have both, and even then only if you are deliberately going for a certain exagerratedly made-up look.

    Which is a valid look, but not one that you will always want every time you want to wear red lipstick!
  10. You look really pretty and the red suits you ^-^
  11. I think your outfit was perfect for red lippy! You also have the complexion to pull it off. I would choose a red lippy with a bit more of a blueish undertones, though. It'd match you perfectly, IMO!
  12. While I'm only 22 - but I think it still applies. I *always* wear black eyeliner - but when I put on the lipstick I felt the eyes AND the lips made my face too busy and borderline clown-like - so I rushed to the nearest tissue to wipe off my eyeliner - leaving only mascara and my baby blues - and I thought it looked MUCH better. :tup:
  13. Aww thanks guys! *blushes* :love:
  14. It looks great on you.
    Your eyes are really pretty
  15. It looks great on you!I've never been crazy about red lipstick myself, but I hear it's a total must for fall so I might try it.But, being only 20, I'm worried it will make me look older