Bam On Jessica & More Interesting StuFf

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  1. Bam confirms he slept with Jessica Simpson
    Steve-O and Bam Margera were on the Howard Stern show yesterday, and Howard was able to get a ton of Hollywood dirt out of them! We took notes and have details and quotes from the show that you won't find anywhere else!...

    Over the course of the interview Howard got Bam to reveal he spent the night with Jessica Simpson while she was with Nick! (when Dukes was filming.). While at the same time claiming the relationship got blown out of porportion, Bam coyly gave up details to confirm he slept with her. He said he bumped into her, (Steve-O - "yeah BUMPED into her") and Bam said they "wound up at her parents house drinking margarites and it went from there..." Later in the interview Bam said he "left at 8 in the morning". Howard asked Bam "Did she look good naked" and Bam's reply was that she had a personal trainer for the movie, mumble muble.. "yeah, she looked good I can't deny that."

    The scoop on Steve-O getting hit on by Christian Slater and used by Nicole Richie below!

    Steve-O claims that Christian hit on him at a party when he was drunk, and told him he was cute and sexy and asked if he wanted to go with him. Steve-O later talked to Christians ex-wife and she said "that's what happens when he drinks - he turns gay".

    And some hilarious commensts from Steve-O on Nicole Richie... he said she wasn't really into him, she was looking for "some media coverage that wasn't about her being f'ing skinny." He thinks she even called the paparazzi guys. He didn't have sex with her but they made out and he jerked off a couple times in her bed.

    Steve-O also added that he did Nitrous Oxide with Paris Hilton!
  2. somehow, i'm left feeling as if i now know more than i wanted to.. lol
  3. Is sleeping around a common practice among these starlets?
  4. I don't believe it. If Jessica was so uptight on keeping virgin for nick, why would she have slept with bam so easy?
  5. No one will ever really know what happened except the two of them.
  6. Poor Nick.....jessica is a slut.....
  7. All I have to say is WOW!!!!
  8. No one realy knows!!!!!! If she did sleep with him, then she is a liar, and a slut, but if we don't know, we shouldn't judge! But you know, regardless if they did sleep, he should've never said that on radio! And as for Nicole, and Steve, he is an a** to, why did he had to say those things! No one wanted to know what the heck they did behind close doors! These people have no class.
  9. Yikes. I don't know whether this is true or not. Bam and Steve-O could just be looking for publicity for their new movie.
  10. :nuts: HAHA!!! Do you guys know who Bam Margera is, YUK!!!!!:yucky:

    He WISHES he got some of Jessica!

    I remember watching the Newlyweds and Nick making comments as though he could use a little more satisfaction. :graucho: She seemed like she was kinda cold in that dept.
  11. This is really sick! Pretty much majority of what comes out with Howard Stern is.
  12. :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: Me too!..after reading the article this is exactly how I looked!:wtf:
  13. Those two guys are so disgusting...I have to turn the channel when their show comes on...If Jessica really slept with him I hope she got herself checked afterwords...he just looks so dirty, like he hasn't showered in years.
  14. Me and you both!:yucky:
  15. I partied w/ steve-o and he is a complete moron . I would not be surprised if he's lying .