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  1. Has anyone been/lived to/in baltimore? I am accompanying my SO on a business trip, what should i do with myself all day while he works?

    also any recommendations on some great restaurants and bars?? clubs??
  2. The inner harbor is gorgeous. You could easily spend a day there sightseeing, shopping, eating, etc.
  3. ^ Inner Harbor, for sure. I live between Baltimore and DC.
    Theres a hard rock cafe, to eat at, along with a ton of other places.
    Bars are everywhere. Higher end stuff is in the Federal Hill area. The inner harbor is a very tourist-y area, with Planet Hollywood and Cheescake Factory, stuff like that.
    For clubs there is the Power Plant which is right around the Inner Harbor.
    And shops and bars can also be found in Fells Pointe, which is my favorite part of Baltimore.
  4. yay great. thank you civicgirl and leothelnss.

    what about a nice, upscale reastarunt or loungy trendy type place for dinner? any recommendations? we are celebrating our anni :heart:
  5. I don't live too far from Baltimore, and I also recommend the Inner Harbor and Fell's Point. It would probably be fun to wander around on your own and I think it's fairly safe, especially in the daytime. There's also the fish market for a taste of real Chesapeake life. There's not much shopping IMO in Balto., but on a nice day it's really pleasant to sit by the water at the Inner Harbor and people-watch.

    As for restaurants, IDK, we rarely ever go to the city to eat, but I have heard that the Little Italy section of the city has some great places for dinner.