Baltimore Recs, anyone?

  1. I'm off to Baltimore for the Army-Navy game (GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!). We'll only be there for the weekend. Anyone have recs for dinner and lunch (crab would be great!)? Anyone else going to the game?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Fogo de Chao. Not seafood but if you like beef, chicken, lamb, pork this is the place for you. A new one opened down by the harbor. Not for vegetarians though. I had impeccable service when I went there. Don't fill up on the salad bar, the meat options are insane. Plus all you can eat. Nice wine selection. I think it is $50 for dinner. It is so worth it though.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, truegem! I'll def keep it in mind.
  4. My friend treated me to Obryckis Crabhouse for the kind of crabs where you eat w/a mallet and knife on the table. It was very fun and absolutely delicious. I love the spices that they used. I asked her to take me to Lexington Market for crabcakes at Faidleys and some Bergers cookies. I loved the crabcakes. She said that this is kind of a shady part of town, but the food is worth the "risk."
  5. Thanks, brwney. I've heard good things about Faidley's, so might stop in there for crabcakes. Obryckis is definitely out of the question, as BF had a "special" time there with his crazy, stalkerish (SERIOUSLY!) ex girlfriend. :p