Bals of the same color family?

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  1. How do you justify buying Bals of almost the same colors?

    I have a 2007 RH tomato day that I absoulutely love and just bought a rougue vermillion GGH city from Erica.

    I am a red lover and with the GGH it will be boom boom pow! I just love a flashy bag. I feel foolish for not getting a different color since I have a smallish collection.

    Just wondering if there are any collections out there that stay in the same color families because you just love certain colors.
  2. You betcha! I feel a tiny twinge too when I gravitate toward colors that all work with the same things in my closet... But the heart wants what the heart wants! :tender:

    I've pared my olive greens down, but I have Olive brown, Khaki, and Anis....Can't help it! :P
  3. I would buy any amethyst colors or purples, no matter that I already have them. Look at all the people that buy many black bags. red is your black!
  4. You're not alone!!! At least you've got two reds in different styles!:graucho::graucho::graucho:

    I also love a red Bal and have an 05 Rouge Theatre City, 07 Tomato RH City and 08 Ruby RH Work. Also have a black GSH Work, black GSH CP and a black RH City. And soon my 07 French Blue City will had a "twin" when I get the 10 Outremer Velo I have ordered.
  5. Which color is Rouge GGH Vermillion? Is it 08 Coral Red?
  6. Hey I say whatever floats your boat!!:>)
  7. I love purples and greys, If I had the money I would buy one from each year:smile:
  8. Heehee, did you see the thread of buying the same color in different bags? :smile:
  9. Hey, nothing wrong w/ having the same color family, as long as you can afford it. I try not for my bank account's sake, but very hard to control the urge.
  10. I think so. I haven't gone back to the color charts but I think Rouge Vermillion and Coral are the same. I think that the 2007 color is called just Vermillion.
  11. Well at least you have different reds, although still red. I have more than one in the EXACT SAME color. I have done that in Black, Amethyste, Bouton D'Or and Outremer.

    I guess that is really crazy, but I do love those colors! I also guess that there is no way to really justify it though.
  12. Can't have too many reds! Balenciaga reds are just irresistible. 5 of my Bals are in the red family and I could add some more :nuts:

    I've recently moved on to blacks though... I just got a black MU and now want a black Day and City! It doesn't matter how many you have of one color family! As long as you love the bags and feel great wearing them, go for it!
  13. I didn't even try to justify the following grey bags - I just knew I loved them and use them a lot!

    07 and 08 GGH Anthra Work
    08 SGH Anthra City
    09 SGH Anthra Midday
    07 Plomb SGH City
    07 Plomb SGH Brief

    I just sold my only red bbag (08 Ruby RH Work) to fund the SGH Galet City you saw at NM (will arrive on Thursday). I was only holding onto Ruby because it was red and I thought I needed a red bag but the RH work style wasn't working for me at all.

    Wear what you love and will use often!
  14. i'm in the same boat! i mean, how many pink bags do you really need? i'm still trying to figure that out...
  15. i feel the same way! im wondering if it makes sense to get both bubblegum and sorbet?