Bals in COLD weather

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  1. I searched other threads for an answer and could not find one so I apologize in advance if there is one....:Push:

    This is my first real winter of having bbags and I never thought about carrying any of my other bags during the cold winters here in the northeast...tomorrow it is suppose to be approx -15 with wind chill...

    What do you other "cold climate" girls do? Is it safe to have to carry these bags in the extreme cold?? Just wondering...:shrugs:

  2. LOL Yes of course, why not?
  3. I live in Iowa and I've carried my black city since the end of November every day, and it's still perfect. It's been snowed on and when I got in the house I just toweled it off and it was fine. It's black so I think that makes me not worry so much about hurting it. It's REALLY cold here, too.
  4. I wear mine every day except when it's snowing or freezing raining in which case I carry what is probably the most indestructible bag ever, the LV Damier Speedy.
    If you're worried about the leather cracking from the cold, don't be...just make sure the leather stays mosturized just like your own skin:smile:
  5. I know it seems like a dumb question but it seems as if everyone is so careful about protecting them...not putting them on the floor or a restaurant I just figured this would be like putting one in the freezer which I am sure you would not do...

    just wondering because the leather does not appear or feel as thick as my other leather bags...last night I just had this dream that I was carrying one of the bbags in the extreme cold and it just cracked and broke...maybe I was smoking crack and got confused??!!:upsidedown:
  6. :s

    It's not a silly question...I was wondering the same thing but was too afraid to ask.
  7. Thanks for posing the question! I certainly had the same thought in head...
  8. I was back home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada over Xmas and it was about -30 with windchill (and that's not even as cold as it gets!) and my black city was fine! I don't think cold will make a difference, but I'd be worried about getting light colors wet if it's really snowing (although I don't have any light bags so I don't know for sure).
  9. it's going to be negative single digits PLUS wind chill tomorrow, and i've been carrying my bbags, my grey bbags i've only treated once with appleguard, other than the handles darkening, nothing else really change that much. my lilac first was appleguarded(and i plan on doing so every 3 months) and i LMB it every month, the weather hasn't done anything bad to the bags.
  10. LOL! I probably would have woken up screaming and in a cold sweat if I had had that dream. Anyway, they have a protectant coating on them so they don't get water-spots - they hold up great in the snow and rain because of it. I take mine out in bad weather all the time.
  11. Question for all the ladies with Bals living in places that get cold.

    I got my first Bal this year (Sahara GGH City) and the leather seems to need alot of attention (babying, cleaning, etc.)

    Fall is approaching and soon it will be WINTER...

    Can someone who has experience tell me how well bal leather hold up in COLD weather. I live in Toronto, Canada (weather similar to NY or Boston)...and we get freezing rain and snow in the winter. On top of that we get freezing temp which is my biggest concern....-20c is not uncommon[​IMG]...on average everyday in the winter months it will be below freezing....

    I take my City to work everyday right now (10 min walk outside)....
    Has anyone experienced Bal leather cracking due to cold or have general problems with carrying it outside during cold weather?

    Any help you ladies can give would be appreciated..I wouldn't want to wreck my new bag in the first year....:smile:
  12. i'm in the same boat! even on a day like today where it's light rain/drizzling, it makes me nervous walking outside with my bal. i've only had mine since the beginning of june and i'm paranoid about ruining it less than a year in (i already have minor fingernail scratches :sad: ).

    i'm thinking i might just switch to my RM mid-late October just as a precaution...
  13. I can't speak for light colored bals, but my take my black rh city out in rain, snow, sleet, anything! It still looks amazing. It was pouring today in NY, and I took her out, and I swear the water just makes her softer! I don't treat my bags. I am not scared of dark colored bals, and just don't take my light colored bals out in questionable weather. HTH!
  14. OMGOSH YES? This bags can be deceivingly tough!
  15. I live in the Buffalo NY area....same weather as Toronto. I took out my Black Town today, in the pouring rain. No problems whatsoever. My bag IS treated with Lovin' My Bags products. I would definitely go for a dark Bal for fall/winter. I think ANY light bag from any designer is going to show wear much more easily....and Sahara is a very light bag, judging from the pics. I don't especially baby the leather on my bag, either.