BAlNY's lists for violet day & step

  1. Wow, I just called to be put on the violet step list, and I am in the *might get it* category. Which means their list already exceeds the quantity they ordered. Same with a violet day. These are both with RH. I also got on the list for a sienna day and that one is guaranteed mine.

  2. wow.
    I realize there's been a lot of excitement over the violet, but I didn't think it would be that hard to get.
    good luck - I hope you get it! : )
  3. Darn! I wanted to get a violet step, too, but haven't put my name on the list yet. I was too afraid they would put me on the waiting list for the larger step bag, which I don't want. Ugh.
  4. Yeah, Daphne still calls it the "stepping out" and the price was in the $1100 range. We'll see.
  5. Hmmmm - guess I better figure out what I want
  6. I called and spoke to terry and got myself on the list for Grape day with silver giant hardware and she said I am #3 and they are only getting 6.

    I also listed for the marigold with giant gold hardware..I am so excited!
    good bye chanel...Nothing I love in chanel right now..
  7. I'm on waitlist for grape mini coin purse & WE style.....:smile:
  8. Celia, do they ship internationally? I really want to be put on the waitlist for a Violet Make Up!! Do you just call them? When is the collection coming out officially? In September? :shame:Sorry about all the questions!TIA!:flowers::heart:
  9. Hi Marie - love to answer ur qns...yes, they do ship internationally (shippin costs varies as they charged me USD70 to singapore but not sure to AUS). I usually emailed them or fax my enquiry/order list to them and my SA is daphne. Here are their details : (indicate the SA name on the subject title as the SA only respond accordingly to those requests that is under their name) or fax to them directly (indicated the SA name) at below:
    T : 212.206.0872 (i prefer not to call as they tends to be so busy and will put u on hold esp we are on distance calls, if u need to, call them 1st thing when they open their shop).

    F : 212.206.0004

    If they don't response to you via email 1-2 days time, pls fax it to them and they normally will revert to u pretty soon. I'm not sure when they are officially available but i jus put my name on waitlist for those new 07 seasons and the style that i want.

    If u really want to waitlist for the new seasons/styles, try to get in touch with them asap.
  10. Thank you so much for you detailed response, Celia! You're the best!:flowers::heart:
  11. U are most welcome.....keep me posted when you are on waitlist for ur grape (violet) MU clutch.....:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. I definitely will, Celia!:yes: I just wrote Daphne an email!:yahoo:
  13. WOW messengerbag..... - thank you so much for those informations :flowers:!!

    And thank you Celia for the detailed statement - this is very important for us, outside the US, to know :tender::winkiss:!

    Good luck Marie ... I'll keep my fingers crossed ;):heart:
  14. "1"class1 - No problem, u are most welcome.....:heart::heart:
  15. Jus FYI - another recom SAs will be either Daisy or KIM......good luck~~