BalNYC Questions

  1. DH and I are going to NYC for an overnight for our anniversary. I only own one Bal in INK and want to get another neutral color (maybe Camel) in a Weekender size. Does anyone know the price of that? How far is the BalNYC store and how easy is it to get to? We are taking a train in from Philly. Also, last time I bought my Ink, I ordered it on the phone and saved a lot of $$ on tax. If I buy it there, do you think I could pick one out and have them ship it home to me to save again? Should I call first to make sure they have a selection of Weekenders or do they usually have a bunch in stock? Not sure how big the store is. I assume they are opened on the weekend? WOW! Sure are a lot of questions! Thanks for any help...Jacquee
  2. I would call them first and find out about their current stock. Definitely have it shipped, you save money on tax and there is no shipping charge.
  3. The weekender is $1495. Last time I checked they still had the Camel Weekender.

    They are open on weekends, too. 11-7 on Saturday and 12-5 on Sundays.

    You can pick out your bag and have it shipped to you (ground) to save on tax...that's if you can manage to wait a grueling 2-3 days :p

    The Balenciaga store is not that big...and not all the colors/bags are out on the floor. So it's easier if you really know the style and color that you're looking for since they will have to go in the back to get it. I know that last season's color won't be displayed so you'll have to ask someone to get it.

    It's on West 22nd Street between 10th and 11th, very fine arts area...I think that's the only retail store in that block.

    Enjoy your anniversary.:drinkup:
  4. Commes des Garcon is a few doors down.
  5. Yes, you can definitely pick out and have it shipped.
    The new Sandstone color is a wonderful neutral as well! Have fun picking one out :love:
  6. When are you going? I might run in to you there! We are going in March for one night from Chicago.
  7. jjrz1037, good luck with finding BalNY and getting the Camel WE that you want! AND, more importantly, once you receive your bag don't forget to post pics of you wearing her... :smile: vbmenu_register("postmenu_2007631", true);