1. Will I get killed with taxes and shipping if I order from NY?
    I guess I could drive over and get the bag. I've actually never been to the store.
    Just wondering if I should hold out because taxes will be TOO high. :wtf:
  2. You'd only get taxed if you live in NY or NJ.
  3. I SO live in NJ.
    So, you'd think I'd know how this whole thing works, right?
    I never go shopping in NYC.
  4. how about aloharag? free shipping/no taxes
  5. AR doesn't have them in and they don't know when they're getting them.
    They only have 1 GSH in the black City.
    To be honest, I'm just not sold on the GH.
    They gave me a span of mid-February to late-April.
    I just got off the phone w/SA from BalNY.
    She said no shipping and no tax! :yahoo:
  6. Bal NY only charges tax if you buy there or if they ship to an address in NY or NJ
  7. Can you get what you want at Saks? They never charge tax
  8. This is where I'm confused and am trying to reconfirm w/BNY.
    She knows I'm in NJ and I'm quite positive she said no tax.
  9. I live in NJ also and BalNY will charge you tax but free Fedex shipping. That's what I was told when I was asking for a certain color last Fall. I've purchased from Barney's in BH and they charged me tax with free ship. Call me cheap but I'd rather buy from AR, Diabro, RDC or AFF just to save on the tax and shipping. :blush:
  10. I couldn't agree more!
    But the one on Ann's site got away from me.
    RDC only has the GSH.
    AR is completely out of stock and I'm not feeling anyone else's prices.
    I've filled out the form and only authroized a charge of the $1195 - have written in the notes that if there's anything additionally - to contact me.
    My fingers are crossed.
  11. Let us know, can't wait to hear what happens and to see the bag!! GL!!
  12. Thank you so much.
    This is a LONG time coming (and I only purchased my first First less than 1 year ago).
    I thought the black would be it for me - but, now I find myself thinking of the delicious browns.

    Since I've added so many bags (Chanel, LV, BBag, and Burberry) to my collection in such a short time....I think this will be my last for a while.

    I know, I know....that's what they ALL say. :graucho:
  13. Did you sign up for their membership discount? You get 3% off up to $1,799 and then the discount increases by 2%, if your next purchase reaches the next tier, etc. I know 3% is not a whole lot but every little bit helps.:yes:

  14. Sorry will def pay tax. I live in NY and work in NJ and I've had bags shipped to both places...and paid sales tax in both places...It stinks but if BalNY is the only place that has a bag you want, you just have to pay up ;)

    Congrats on the bag!
  15. one told me about that. :yucky: