BalNY, you disappoint me!

  1. Hi all,
    I have purchased my Bal in Germany, in Neimans Beverly Hills, and over the phone from BalNY. I had never been in the actual BalNY store until last week. I had been saving up my money for a while and really looking forward to going in there imagining how, being the only direct Bal store in the states, it would be a virtual wonderland for an addict like me.

    Wow. Crushed. My spirit is just crushed! I walked in, and I would estimate that they have only 10 purses on display. About 5 motorcycles. I looked at the price tags on the motorcycles and they were $10,000-$25,000. Special ones, croc and whatnot. I said to the SA, "where are your other bags?" and she said, "what do you want?"

    WHAT DO I WANT? I want to see every single bag you have! How can I know what I want until I see them all?

    I was so disappointed. They had such an attitude and you have to tell them what style you want and what color family (neutrals, colors, etc) and they go to the back and pull it for you. No chance of really seeing everything they have since they act like they're pulling shoes from the back during a Macy's madness sale or something. They are miserable people and do not encourage you to browse their selection.

    I am so, so sad.
  2. I recently visited Chicago and since there are no stores that carry Bbags where I live, I was so excited and looking forward to shopping at Barney's. I had called them about a week before my trip and the SA assured me that by the time I got there they should have a great selection...all the fall colors etc... When we got there I couldn't believe it.....Only like maybe 10 bags....mostly brown or black, 1 tomato city and 1 cinnamon city that both had horrible dry crackily leather and hardly any wallets etc...:tdown:

    A BIG disappointment to say the least. Sadly, I left empty-handed.
  3. Karyn, just earlier tonight I was daydreaming about going to visit Balny firsthand and thinking about what it would be like.....If that was my first experience at Balny I would have been very disappointed as well!
  4. Does anyone know *why* the BalNY store is notorious for not having more than ~10 bags on display at any given time??

    Is this some sort of retail strategy??

    I live in NoCal, do most of my shopping online (what I do IRL is almost exclusively at the Union Square boutiques in SF or Stanford Mall). Perhaps I am just clueless or uneducated-- but does this minimalist strategy sell more than when you offer a wide range of products on the sales floor????


    The coolness of SAs sounds very much like when I walked onto the lot to buy my first BMW: I felt like the snotty experience was part of being a new BMW owner :push: so I walked away. Years later I did buy one from a dealership in the city that bent over backwards to be nice to me (lattes, wine, soda offered as I walked in the door, etc).

    So I just don't get it.
  5. That is lame.

    Makes me wonder what kind of 'finds' they have back there if they just sit around waiting to be 'plucked' by somebody who say wants a 'black' bag- who knows perhaps they'd score an 05 (ok- wishful thinking but a possibility! lol!)

    I would have been discouraged too

    but then I would have just hopped in a cab to the nearest LV to relieve some shopping anxiety! :upsidedown:
  6. I would guess that the reason they don't display more is because they want their store to reflect Balenciaga as MORE than just their claim to fame(moto bags, obviously), you know? If they filled up their floor with nearly one of each bag they had in stock it would present less like a high end designer flagship and more like.. well.. Neiman Marcus. Just my opinion.

    However, there is no excuse for attitudes.
  7. I notice their decor is really minimalistic and so maybe it explains having as little bags on the floor as possible to keep the cool going. Dashing so many colorful bags might not show off the minimal experience. but, they can be warmer to customers.
  8. how about not wanting too many bags to go thru too much handling? display items are subject to much 'assault', yes? but they can always try to sell off the display bags on a good discount...
  9. Moto bags are NEVER discounted at's not allowed (so they say, anyway).

    I understand why they don't display a lot of them, but it shouldn't be like pulling teeth to see the inventory...
  10. You would think, being an SA, that the more selection you give a client, the more they are happy with their purchase and will come back. Sometimes I find I like something but dont like the colors that they have out, but when the SA shows me colors not displayed, I end up loving it. I dont know why they dont just have a little warmth. I know they dont need to do much to sell anything, Bal sells itself, but come on, right? Being a little helpful isnt too much to ask.

    On the phone I always get this woman who has so much more important things to do than answer my questions, I find it very annoying and have gone on a Bal NY strike because of it. They may get a hefty employee discount, but all of us work hard, save it up, and when you spend your hard earned money, you want the experience to be good as well right?
  11. I think the reason for the minimalist display is to convey a sense of exclusivity and to infer the concept of bags as art.

    The attitude, I think, is just NYC. I’ve seen regional differences in the concept of chatty friendliness that doesn’t translate the same across different parts of the country. What is warmth in SF or Miami is not the same in NYC. I’m not excusing the attitude, I’m just saying that there are substantial regional differences in how people interact. I grew up in the area and I agree they could lighten up a bit. It’s always a bit of a eye opener when I go home.
  12. I like going to BalNY when I know exactly what I want to get, but it's definitely not a good place to go to browse. I guess it's good that they keep all the bags in the back because that way they don't get handled too much but it would be nice if they had more out on display.
  13. I had such a need to see more Bal bags that I looked up other NY retailers and went to Jeffrey (no motorcylces) and to Kirna Zabete. At Kirna, they had an ecru city out with giant silver hardware that is really gorgeous. I am so hesitant to buy an ecru bag because of the dirt factor - I was going for a camel, a plomb, or a black. But I may just buy that one because I'm so sad at the way I was treated in BalNY. It was pretty!
  14. I have always been very wary of ordering from BalNY and have actually bent over backwards to avoid it until last week (Aloha Rag was not going to get any Pine Twiggies). I should say that I was treated very nicely even though I am a brand new customer and it was a very pleasant experience overall.

    However, I have read enough on here to know that that's not always the way it goes there. I don't understand the attitude about showing you bags - if you are spending a thousand dollars or more, you should be able to see all of your options. I wish more Nordstroms carried Balenciaga - no matter what I am buying (whether a $10 hair clip or a $600 dress) the SAs always treat me with courtesy and kindness. They should be a model for all retailers, but especially those of upscale goods.
  15. You would think they would pull out a selection and then see what you are leaning towards, neutrals, bright colors, darker colors, and just go from there and bring out more in that family. I know I for a fact like to see the whole picture before I make a purchase, I want to know all my options and from there can make the best decision. When they dont give you enough options, thats when I find in my case, I end up exchanging or returning because I am not 100% happy. And for $1000 I think one should be completely thrilled with their purchase. I know part of it is the NY attitude but can it really hurt to pull out more bags for people to choose from? I get the display factor thats ok.