BalNY Waitlist Question

  1. Generally you normally have to speak to your SA to get on the waitlist or is there ONE list for the entire store?

    My SA is on vacation.........:nuts: and the SA (no names) who is answering the phone should I say this...."difficult!!!!!"

    WOW.... major attitude...what in the world is her PROBLEM??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :p

    Any advice???
  2. that's the same problem i had. another SA told me i have to speak with me SA, who is on vacation. so i just called back and spoke to someone else to get on the waitlist. i believe that there is one list for the store.
  3. Well, I called this morning and spoke with a guy (no idea who, I really hate that they don't tell you who they are when they demand to know who you are) and I was told that they were not even taking names for the F/W waitlist yet. WTH????

    For those of you who made it onto the waitlist, who did you speak to (for those of us whose regular SA is not available)?
  4. I got the same grumpus the other day - I just waited and called back later. I have no time for that attitude.
  5. Ask for Kim! She is soooo sweet! She just helped me out today!
  6. :yahoo:
    Sounds like many of us rely on the Queen of Bal SA's, Daphne, who is on vacay. Since she is not back yet I spoke to Teri who was very sweet and put me on the list for two styles in Violet. She was very sweet!
    I have been freaking out over getting the French Blue Matelasse, but now a confirmation on the Violet!!! I will be doing the happy dance all weekend!!!!!!
  7. I got on a list but I wanted to be on the pre order list where they take your credit card number. So that way I know i get a bag.
    I got some girl that answered and didn't give me her name told me if I had questions that "Carrie" would be handling my request. I feel like calling back just to make sure I forsure got a bag and one that comes in the first shipments
  8. :yahoo:

    Well I DID call back and a different woman answered the phone. She was very sweet and took all of my information.

    She said she could only put me down for 2 bags. So I just choice the ones I wanted the most.
  9. So funny, I called this morn too & the SA I spoke to was quite rude as well.

    I waited a few hours, called back & thank goodness Kim picked up the phone :party: She is so sweet.
  10. Did you guys get the email that was just sent out with the color list? I sent her back a question asking about the color of the GH, whether there would be a choice or just all silver.

  11. No email here. Who sent it out? I wonder if the sender just sent it to their clients?
  12. i asked if it was too early to get on the waitlist after ordering a bag yesterday and she asked me what I wanted - part-time violet in GH - she immediately asked me if I wanted gold or silver - so I am ssuming you can get your choice but maybe not....she put me on the list but who knows....
  13. I tried to call yesterday for enquiry and spoke to kim nowadays...she is friendly and another recommended SA i guess by Nanaz....:smile:
  14. Do Bal Paris have a wait list? I want a Jaune First RH & Violet Makeup...
  15. KDC : I wonder too...i heard a few pfers out here have placed on the waitlist for the new seasons bbags....not sure abt the accessories...i hope to know too....:smile: