BalNY violet/grape RH City

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  1. I just got a call from BalNY that they have some grape RH city's in. I've been on the list for a month, but I JUST this week bought a black GGH PT, so I don't have the funds for another bag right now. They're still going through their waiting list, but I'm pretty sure I was close to the end, so it might be worth a call. Good luck!
  2. Wow, they must have gotten a lot of them because I heard their waiting list was three pages long.
  3. ^^ I know! When I called the first time I could hear the frustration in the SA's voice -- she didn't even want to put me on the list because it was so long and she basically said outright that I had no chance. I think a lot of people were on more than one list or passed when it was offered to them like I just did.
  4. i had initially thought there was no chance of me ever getting the violet city (i waitlisted for the first and changed my mind) so i ended up calling bal paris and got lucky there.

    weird that they have so many left!