BalNY update in my email today!!

  1. :yes:

    hi guys... i had to take a break for a few days... getting obsessive.. spending money that i dont have,,, you know how it goes..
    but thats for a different tread altogether!!

    got this in my email today and wanted to share!

    "I've just had word that we will be receiving (quite surprisingly) fall bags
    as early as next week!!

    In preparation, I wanted to introduce some new styles. The part-time, the
    afternoon, and the bowling. Both the afternoon and the bowling come in
    smaller sizes (the mid-afternoon and the mini-bowling).

    (See attached file: bluegrey part time.jpg)(See attached file: fire engine
    bowling.jpg)(See attached file: Afternoon.jpg)

    Let me know if you have any additional questions about our latest

    check out the pics. the blue one is the part time, the red one is the bowling.. the camel one is the afternoon.

    enjoy! and hope you guys are all doing well!

    best, t

    miss you!!
    bluegrey part time.jpg fire engine bowling.jpg Afternoon.jpg
  2. Wow! Thanks for the update. Hope all is well!
  3. oh my goodness, i love all three

  4. omigosh, thanks for posting this toni-girl!!!...i can't believe they might be coming in next week :shocked: ...which SA over there is sending you these wonderful e-mails (?)
  5. thats my girl kim!!
  6. Awesome! Happy shopping ladies:graucho:
  7. i'm loving the part time....
  8. esile! the part-time DOES comes with a shoulder strap!

    toni, thank you so much for the info!
  9. jag, that avatar is so :love: :love: :love: ;)
  10. oh wow how hot would the part-time look in fire engine red?
  11. Uh--next week? And I thought my collection was complete...
  12. also, are there waiting list for these bags already?
    is it easy for me to call and put my name down for the part time?
  13. like nike "just do it!" ;) i think they have a waitlist already
  14. Thanks for posting! The colors look great in these pics :heart: :nuts:
  15. Thank you BooYah! Just for you! And I LOVE YOURS!!! He is so fricking cute!:heart: