BalNy Update for Mini-Metalasse and Lune Clutch

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  1. Got an email today from a very nice SA at BalNY.

    They will only receiving the mini-matelasse in black, sienna, and pine.

    They will only receiving marigold and grape
    matelasse in the regular handbag size.

    In the moon lock clutch (lune),
    they are getting green, black, blue, and brown.

    Hope this helps....what do you think ladies, which color do you like for a particular style?:smile:
  2. ohhh only the mini in those colours, im disappointed with that!
  3. I think the grape matelassè will be spectacular...:heart:
  4. Do we know what size the mini is going to be?
  5. i asked for dimensions...i guess, they dont have it on stock yet and its just an order list for the store. she'll email me for pics when they got it.
  6. Thanks bagdizzy.

  7. you're very welcome:smile:
  8. How does the Lune clutch look like?
  9. Top left

  10. so pretty:heart:.
  11. thanks so much for the update! I'm a bit disappointed the mini matelasse won't be available in violet. Now, it's just a matter of deciding between the 3 colors.