BalNY Trunk show - who's going, and what will you be carrying?

  1. I finally remembered about RSVPing, but now am going to be up at night worrying about which BBag to carry in the presence of the most devout BBag fanatics in the world, the gals of tPF! So tell what bag you will be carrying, and we can pick each other out!
  2. Well if I were going....which I am NOT:crybaby: I would wear my oval clutch that I just got!
  3. Thats easy, cafe envelope, or rouille bowling RH. Everyone will have a city or pt, right?
  4. oh i wish i could go :crybaby:
    it sounds like so much fun!
  5. Would it be tacky to wear a naturel GH city with a bluefly tag still attached? ;) At least you would be able to spot me pretty No, I promise I will not do that...
  6. What is everyone wearing in general? I've never been to a trunk show before, but one of my friends who works at the Dior store says when they have trunk shows they're usually casual - like how you would usually walk into the store. Though the whole RSVP thing and food and drinks is making me think a little nicer?

    Either way I'm bringing my ink messenger, as it's my smallest of two b BAGS =)

    Can't wait to meet some of my fellow addicts, definitely bringing my camera for pictures (of us =p... I'll try to sneak one or two pics of the bags on my camera phone though =D)
  7. It is semi-formal. Mostly because the SA's will remember you the way you look when you come in. And BalNY is so different from Dior, LV, Chanel or anyone else for that matter. They are completely a league of they're own and I am such a groupie. :yahoo:
  8. ^^ thanks :flowers:
  9. Maybe I'll wear the Balenciaga skirt I picked up last spring. and a black city.
  10. I have a Balenciaga trench coat (MAJOR score from a consignment boutique) that I'd love to wear if it rains.

    Bag wise, it will be the black day or the vert gazon day I just got. (I think its good to be more hands free to pick up drinks and bags!!
  11. Good thinking, karenab. ;) I will wear my Blue India part time and rogue pod!!
  12. karenab - wear the vert gazon day! You look so good in it, and everyone will be fawning over it. Plus, it will be hard for any tpfers to miss you.

    And - if any of you gals have anything blueberry, rouge theatre or rouge vif, or rouille, or sapin or emerald, marron 04, cafe or chocolate, or eggplant (like coin purses, wallets, or bags), you should bring them to compare with some of the new colors.

    I would love to see how

    Violet compares with eggplant
    ocean compares with blueberry
    pine compares with emerald or sapin
    cinnamon compares with cafe or chocolate
    sienna compares with marron 04
    tomato compares with rouge theatre or rouge vif
    paprika compares with rouille

    Just an idea, I guess.
  13. ^^Really smart thinking!
  14. Great idea, Circoit! Again, really too bad no pics. :crybaby:
  15. Sienna looks close to 2002 caramel to me, hopefully someone can also make that comparison.