BalNY stock

  1. Does anyone know what BalNY has in stock for A/W 07 colors, specifically in steel? I will be calling them tomorrow when they open, but I just wondered if anyone knew what's available right now.
  2. They have a couple of RH Cities and GH Cities you can choose from. Best of luck!
  3. Anybody knows the stock now for the Autumn/Winter collection in BalNY?
  4. I talked to BalNY earlier today. I only asked about blues and reds, citys and twiggys.

    They have

    Ocean RH-GH
    Aquamarine RH-GH gold only
    Periwinkle RH-GH
    Seagrave RH-GH
    Vermillion RH-GH
    tomato RH-GH gold only

    Hope this helps!
  5. what is seagrave????
  6. does anyone know if they still have RH cities in Vert D'eau?

  7. i'm guessing polos meant 'seagreen'... which would be vert d'eau ..please correct me if i'm wrong.

    if so, oo_let_me_see, the answer would be yes :p
  8. Thanks verty. I could get myself in real trouble. ;)
  9. Thankyou so much! Think I 'crave' the Ocean.....
  10. oopss. to be honest I hadn't even heard of that color before and I thought she said seagrave. :confused1:
  11. For those who are interested in the Men's Day/Messenger, BalNY have the following in stock --

    chocolate, grey, oxblood, ink, and blueberry

    It costs $990.

    FYI, these are 06 colors. It doesn't look like BalNY are getting any of the 07 colors in this style. :sad:
  12. Does anyone know what colours in weekenders they have at this point? SGH or regular?

    :smile: TIA
  13. Has anyone seen a steel first at balNY? I want to go today =T
  14. Come back with good info okay....Thankyou.
  15. Stock now? Thanks...