balNY still hasn't sent my anthracite bowling

  1. i don't get it - it seems like everyone else who preordered an anthracite bag from balNY has already received it (weeks ago!), but i'm still waiting for daisy to send me my bowling. does anyone know why a preordered bag would be so late in arriving to the store? :confused1:

    i'm almost to the point of cancelling the order and saving the $ for next season.
  2. maybe they haven't received it in the bowling yet? dunno?
  3. Certain styles might just take a little longer - I'm still waiting on my weekender in sandstone. Hang in there.
  4. thanks for the tip! i find it odd that they don't receive all the bags at once, especially the ones that are preordered. but then, i obviously have no clue how the bal universe works :p
  6. My guess is that the bowling style hasn't been delivered yet. Perhaps you could call BalNY and ask about the status of the order. I do hope you get it soon and please post pics when it arrives! :yes:
  7. not bal ny, but i ordered my anthracite courier from LVR, and they emailed me saying those dont ship out until the end of march.

    i'm guessing the styles on the endangered species list are coming out in the new colors later on :crybaby:

    i definitely feel your pain in the waiting process, especially with all these gorgeous anthracite pics circulating this site.

    hang in there!
  8. yes Hang in there, bowling it's amazing!!
  9. I think the easiest and quickest option is to simply call your SA Daisy and ask, right? she'll be able to tell you an ETA.