BalNY shipping ????

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  1. I'm sorry if this has been posted before but how much does balny charge for shipping???
  2. $15 for regular shipping. $40 for overnight I think.
  3. About a month ago, they didn't charge me anything for regular shipping.
  4. if you order over a certain amount, standard ground shipping is free.
  5. do u know what the certain amt is???

    since it's being shipped to NJ how many days do u think ground shipping would take??
  6. No way? :wtf: I bought a City and they charged me standard shipping! :crybaby:
  7. kinda surprised about that!!! everytime i have ordered from them, they have always given me the option of express mail, which i would have to pay for, or FREE ground shipping! i know that the amount is either over $500 or $1000. i can't remember which one, but you should have definitely got free ground shipping for your City!!!
  8. Who's your SA? I have Joseph. I need to ask him about this when I order my black City after March (purse ban ends).
  9. btw who should i ask to be my SA Joseph or Daphne??
  10. Ground is free
  11. I called the other day about a Coin Purse - $285 - and she told me No Tax and Free Shipping even on just ordering that :yes:
    I was specific asking about that.
  12. yesterday I was told free shipping over $500, $15 otherwise
  13. I believe I paid $40 last year for overnight.
  14. From what I understand, they just started free shipping a few months back.

  15. They did change to Free Shipping just a few months ago ...