BalNY Shipping Costs??

  1. Hi, does anyone know if BalNY charges for shippping? and approx how much?? Thanks.
  2. hey halona, i just pulled out my bal receipt and they charged me $50USD to have my bag shipped to canada last year. hope that helps!
  3. ooh, thanks!
  4. If its shipping within the US... I believe its free. I've bought from them 2x now and it was free of tax and shipping. :smile:
  5. Above certain amount of total purchase I believe. Once they charged me $15 for ground shipping when I bought a Men's wallet.
  6. ^I think that if your purchase is at least $500, then shipping is free. Also, they don't charge tax as long as it's not shipped to NY or NJ.
  7. It depends on the method of shipping:
    For ground delivery in the US, it's free.
    For overnight in the US, it's $35 and 2-day it's around $20-$30 (can't remember the exact amount)
    And I think international orders cost a lot more... I recall it was USD$70 to ship to Singapore.