BalNY sent me the wrong tassels!!

  1. I ordered a french blue coin purse and some rouge vif tassels, and I was sent some darker red tassels. Do I call and mail them back or just call and re-order rouge vif tassels because it's only 5.50? It's kind of an annoyance, you know?
  2. I've heard this happens pretty often....I would just tell them it was their mistake.
  3. When I wanted anis, I received the 04 yellow (which I passed on to someone else). After about 6 months of a few BTWs, they finally sent anis. Then I ordered 04 yellow (I didn't know I'd eventually get one so I should have kept the first set), they sent me marigold. I returned the marigold in exchange for the yellows but it was overlooked and I got none. I finally sent pictures so they could see the difference in color and a heads up that I didn't get my replacement set. Finally, I almost got the right set today ... two were yellow and one was anis?? Oh well, I didn't need three anyway.
  4. ^^^ You can always save them for some braids/charms if the mood ever strikes you!
  5. i think i read somewhere that you're only limited to buying 2 set of tassles. So, if you don't really need it, i'd suggest to exchange it for the one you need. You never know if you might need a another set of tassles in the future.
  6. Do you mean total? Funny - they don't stop you from buying only two bags! I guess it is a smart ploy to get you to just buy another bag :supacool: