BalNY Sent Me a City w/out Tags or Tassels - Advice Needed!!

  1. I just received a black City from BalNY. When I opened the bag, there was a BalNY receipt inside it from someone in Texas!!! In addition to this, there were no tags or tassels with the bag. It is pretty apparent to me that the bag was originally sold and sent to someone in Texas and was returned to BalNY, WITHOUT tags or tassels. I guess that BalNY does not check their returns before reselling them! :sad:

    I'm pretty upset about this, as it is an expensive bag! Do you think that I should return the bag to BalNY for a replacement, or just request tags and tassels?

    Any advice would be appreciated!!!:confused1:
  2. awww, that's so disappointing that happened to you, stormy!

    Definitely call BalNY and explain what you found. They absolutely NEED to send you tags and tassels! Or send the whole bag back and ask for a new one with all the trimmings!! YOU are the customer and you deserve to call the shots, IMO.

    Good luck and let us know what happens!!!
  3. Absolutely agree.

    I'd be upset too. If the condition of the bag pleases you, then just request the tags and tassels. Otherwise ask for a whole new one. They should have checked it out first definitely.
  4. Ugh - how frustrating.

    You should definitely call them in the morning to tell them the condition of your purchase. I am sure they will either send you the accompanying accessories ASAP - or, offer you an exchange.

    Mistakes do happen, it is how the company rectifies the mistake that matters.
  5. Stormy--that's awful! i'm sorry that happened. hope things will work out for you, keep us posted!
  6. i agree with girlie, if you love the leather, then just call for the trimmings!!!
  7. stormy, ITA with everyone-please contact BALNY informing them of the situation and ask for it be taken care of immediately, even it means returning it for a totally new one with the tags and tassles; all of the additions it should have come with in the first place. they could be very important should you want to sell this bag later on down the road:smile:
  8. Please let us know what happens with your call! Good luck!
  9. Hi Everyone!! I phoned BalNY this morning and spoke with my SA, Daphne. She was horrified that she had not checked the bag before it went out to me. I really want to keep this bag as the leather is exactly what I wanted, so she is overnighting me the tags and tassels. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Interesting to note: for anyone that buys over the phone from BalNY, they write your entire credit card number on the receipt, so if this bag had gotten into the wrong hands, I had the previous buyers credit card info!!! :sad:

    Anyway, thanks to everyone that responded to my post. I was really upset last night, but it has all worked out and I LOVE my new bag!!:heart: :heart:
  10. Stormy - glad to hear that it all worked out for you!! Enjoy your new bag!
  11. I am so glad stormy it worked out. :yahoo:
    One time BalNY got my address wrong, luckily the UPS man called me before he delivered, otherwise I don't even want to think ...........
  12. wahoo! that's excellent customer service for you.

    whoa. that's not cool. if i order, i'll plan to ask them not to do that. why in the world would they do something like this in the age of fraud?! :wtf:
  13. That is awful, what is they got a switched bag? I bought my first bbag from Selfridges and it had no tags and no box then my second I got from Cricket Liverpool and that had both!
  14. oh wow... i can't believe no one checked before shipping it... isn't there like a mental checklist somewhere?
  15. I totally agree with you!! When I first opened the box and found the bag without tags or tassels and then found the receipt from someone else, I thought it may have been switched! My first thought was to return the bag and request another one, but after I calmed down I examined the bag thoroughly and it is definitely authentic. The leather is TDF, so I am going to keep it. I think that with a lot of these stores they get a return in and they immediately put it back in stock without checking it. Hopefully it was a wake up call for BalNY to examine their returns more carefully!!

    I also think that they definitely have to change their policy of writing cc numbers on the receipt. That is just asking for trouble!!!!!