BalNY- Return Policy

  1. What is their return policy? :shrugs:
  2. Ten days exchange only.
  3. Stinky! Thanks Glim!
  4. yeppers, that's true ^^ :true:
  5. I know, right? I hate to say it but AR is kind of the way to go.
  6. I have been having really good luck w/ Nordstroms AF! Customer service is awesome and I can return to my local Nordies.
  7. Yup, plus you are only allowed 2 exchanges(even if the item is damaged).
  8. I didn't know that!
  9. Yeah, I got an Bordeaux that had a rip/tear at the bottom, so I exchanged that for an Oxblood, but there was one part where the leather was really spongey and dried out so I exchanged that one. I was told it would be final sale after that because their store policy is 2 exchanges even if the item is damaged. A lot of boutiques have this sort of stricter policy.
  10. thank's pupsterpurse I didn't know that maybe I should order from AR
  11. sorry, but i'm new... what is AR?
  12. Aloha Rag! and its great! You don't pay tax or shipping, but there is a $25 restocking fee for returns.
  13. ic.. sounds great! Thanks! =)
    Do they have a pretty good color selection? Are they going to have Blue India part time?
  14. I don't know what their current stock is- but you can go to their website and request the current stock.They will email it to you in a pdf with pictures. They are also very friendly and knowledgeable! Good luck, and let us know what you get!!!
  15. i will! thx! =)
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