BalNY report: Grenat/Oxblood City bags

  1. Spoke to one of the SA's today (didn't get her name, sorry!) and asked about ETA for the City bags in Grenat/Oxblood and her response was "possibly next week." She said that she knows they're getting a shipment next week, but they never know until they open the boxes what's been shipped.

    So, hang in there girls!!!
  2. Thanks pseub!
  3. Thanks for the info psueb :biggrin: . Because On wednesday, i place an order for the oxblood city and my SA said she will be recieiving the next day (Thursday) and as soon as she sends she will call me.... and still no call. :blink: I hope she is not just telling me she has it to make a sale, cause she collected all my info (credit card, address, etc...). I figured i give it a week or two, then ill follow up. But i hope i have an opportunity to purchase one.
  4. Thanks for spreading the word. :smile:
  5. Ka-CHING ...

    While I've decided that I MOST DEFINITELY want this color, I still haven't decided on what 'style' I'm going to get it in. Arrgghh ..
  6. Don't worry yaa-yo. That's the standard procedure for taking "pre-orders" at BalNY. They took all my credit card info. back in May, when I ordered an Oxblood City. They don't charge you until the bags come in and are shipped to you...
  7. Thanks for the update. I so cannot wait to see pictures of the grenat.
  8. For pics, check out pupsterpurse's post yesterday: "My Oxblood first just arrived!!!"
  9. thanks psueb, oh did you receive your oxblood already? how long did it take?
  10. Has anybody heard anything more from BalNY about the arrival of the Oxblood/Grenat Citys????

    Isn't it kind of strange that they've been delayed, when other colors/styles came in two weeks ago...
  11. i feel like i'm being strung along......

    I can understand getting the bags in 2 shipments (preFW and FW) but these bags trickling in is driving me nuts.
  12. I know they have them in now!! I just ordered one from BalNY today! :smile: