BalNY Question re: Tassels

  1. Maybe somebody can help me out here. I have read alot of posts that mention extra tassels can be ordered through BalNY. Well, I called them yesterday and first they asked me where I bought my bags. Then, when I told them my newest (Vermillion Day Hobo) which btw, TDF!!! :yahoo: Love!! Anyway I told them I got it at NM in Short Hills NJ. They told me I had to bring it to NM and have them send it through the Bal repair department and they would replace the tassels?? I told them I just wanted to buy a spare set so I have them in the future and I was told I cannot buy them that way?!?!? Then, I told them I bought a barely used BI City (picking up at the PO tomorrow 1st thing, missed delivery) Augh!! and wanted tassels for that too and they said I could not buy them. Is there a trick or tactic I don't know about?? Any advice? Thanks!!
  2. that is very odd. I too have read on the forum that extra tassels can be purchased. it just seems to me that the SA you were talking to didnt really want to assist you!

    Your just buying the tassels! hmmmmmm

    maybe you should try calling 2m and say that you bought the bag thru BalNY?!?!? lol.
  3. I bought my ink city second hand and wanted extra tassels. they didn't give me any problems...she just said that she would check to see if they had them in stock. no questions asked about where i got my bag. try calling again...maybe someone different can help you.
  4. usually if your SA knows you, and they have the tassels in stock, they would send them out to you. my SA there knows who i am, and knows that i didn't purchase all my bags from them, but when i call to order extra tassels, she just sends them out to me.
    i have heard that if you didn't purchase from them, they will not sell you the tassels, but i'm not sure about that.
  5. Thanks for the info. Perhaps I spoke to somebody that was just having a bad day. I will call again today.
  6. I called last Sunday and ordered two sets of tassels. I talked to Daisy. She didn't ask me where I bought my bags.
  7. try calling again... i last ordered from daphne and she was very nice
  8. Pics please!!! :yes:
  9. Daisy helped me out too.
  10. Here she is!!! Hope this works!!!:yahoo:
    New stuff 21707 029.jpg
  11. Oh, why not, here is my Vermillion too!!! I think I have gone MAD!!!!:yahoo:
    My new red Bally Hobo.jpg
  12. Purse, you're BBags are AMAZING!! Congrats and good luck with getting the new tassels!:flowers:
  13. I :heart: your vermillion day - its so pretty!!!
  14. Hi
    Anyone please kindly give me the number that I can call and order the extra tassles?
    Thank you very much
  15. :nuts: LOVE!!!! You did good GF!!! :graucho: