BALNY pics of Sandstone Twiggy

  1. hi, just thought some of you might want to see these pics...IMO the colour is gorgeous and the leather looks wonderful.
  2. I have seen several pictures of this color and I can't get a handle on if I like it or not. I want to see it live and in person. Hopefully, I will get to this weekend.

    The twiggy look really pretty! ARe you going to get it?
  3. yes, i am getting one and am ridiculously excited about it!

    i know what you mean about the colour, in some pics it looked a little khaki (which i don't like) but then i saw another member's (powderpuff) sandstone city and i was in love. i have a black work already and wanted a neutral that was sophisticated and would work all year round, i really hope this is it!
  4. I LOVE this color in a Twiggy! Don't forget to post pics wearing her when you finally get her, okay? :drool: :heart:
  5. Here's my pics for u girls to compare the color
    1.on a suny day the house/not much light
    Twiggy outdoor1.jpg Twiggy in door.jpg
  6. Hmm....i haven't really seen a sandstone color until the pics are posted here...this color looks yummy.....shld get it for sure...heheheh.....:dothewave:
  7. I have this color and I love it sooo much. It is a very sophisticated neutral.

    Actually this is the only color I own that I would love to have in multiple styles.
  8. Great color it goes with everything!
  9. Love it! I'm really into TWIGGIES now. I think they're so easy to use. Great capacity and style. This is a great color!