BalNY overseas shipment..

  1. If I purchase from them, would they be willing to undervalue the goods or mark them as a gift? (just like Aloha Rag does)

    Would love to buy from them as they have the most abundant selection but don't want to be hit with a HUGE custom charges..
  2. Unfortunately they won't declare as gift or even lower the value :sad: You definitely have to pay customs when the package arrives. The tax is calculated based on value declared + shipping cost. I think it was around AU$300-400 for a city.
  3. Yikes ... I'm not sure that this was a good thing to post; Aloha Rag may get into trouble for that. I know that a lot of the major brands (Gucci, Prada, L/V, etc.) will not undervalue (especially in Italy), as the Guardia di Finanza (Finance Police) can ask to see your paperwork ... and if caught, they incur a VERY stiff fine!

    Besides, the customs duties aren't that much (1-3%); better to just pay it then get on their "hit" list!
  4. :doh: sorry AH... :angel:

    but no, the custom duties + GST in Aussie is actually quite big, around 5% and 10 % respectively, adding the total after broker fees etc to be around 25% of the original cost so it IS a huge amount for a poor person like me :shame: and it would be one of my consideration when choosing which shop to buy from..
  5. Ceejay, the problem is the custom duties here are around 10%. Add the 20% VAT and it's around 30%!! I paid 350 dollars or so for a Botkier Trigger, and paid 140 Euros of duties on it..
  6. sorry to sound like a ditz, but what is BalNY? =(
  7. BalNY = Balenciaga New York :smile:
  8. i once had a bottega bag with 1000 $ tag on it, and they only charged me 100$ for tax, but then i got my lv multicolore delivered with only 600$ declared and they asked me to pay 500$ for tax, and when i got my balenciaga delivered, they don't even ask me to pay anything... my country doesn't have fix rules, and the custom guys only know lv as expensive bags, that's why i'd rather buy b-bag from overseas than lv... it's so frustrating...
  9. ^ i wonder if it depends on how recognizable the brand of the bag is too. most people can recognize LV bc of the logo, but both bv and balenciaga might be harder unless the custom guy has a bag-loving gf or wife!