BalNY: New Stock In Today...

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  1. I called today searching for stock updates on the twiggy...and was informed that they just got a new shipment today...but won't have everything cataloged until tomorrow!!!!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the one I need!!!

    Anyone else searching bags...give them a call!
  2. Thanks for the update Twiggers!
  3. YAY!! Thanks for the update!!!
  4. thanks! :flowers:
  5. yes! maybe jaune? I hope we get lucky!
  6. ^^^LOL I hope so! I'll be calling in the AM and checking. If not, then I guess I'm gonna just buy the Vert Gazon!
  7. I hope it's my violet hobo!!!!!
  8. Twiggers, I hope you finally get the Twiggy you've been wanting...You have waited long enough...Be sure and let us see what you get...:tender:
  9. Twiggersare you looking for jaune twiggy, wish you luck.
  10. Thanks for the update, hon! =)
  11. Yes.....I am trying to find a juane twiggy!!! Kicking myself for not buying it earlier! I just know there has to be more than one shipment of it coming in!

    I guess...worse comes to worse...I can just buy it in a city style!
  12. Twiggers, I just E-mailed you with message.
  13. Twigger, my Jaune D'or Twiggy is scheduled to deliver today, will update you what I think about it. Good luck with your search and I know how frustrated it is since I was turning the world up side down looking for one. I'm also waiting for the Violet and thinking Magenta as well so please keep searching because that was what I did and got it :smile:
  14. Thanks baby!!!!
  15. Hi Twiggers,
    Did you find out what colors BalNY had in the Twiggy? THANKS for any info! I would call Kim, but I feel like I bug her all the time!