BalNY Goodies - pics!

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  1. Hi...I had off from work today, so I went to visit Bal to see what was new... I didn't have anything particular in mind... which is when I do the most damage...

    Lately I've been thinking about greens, I want an Apple Green, but everytime I see one on ebay, the price goes through the roof...

    So, I asked about greens first... she came out with a Vert D'eau city and twiggy... I got the twiggy...:heart: Also, I was asking about firsts, sometimes she has some older bags in the back (all I want to do is go behind that door)! So, she comes out with a 05 Bordeaux and 07 Blueberry! I got them too. Then I added a BG make-up clutch...

    All in all, this is why I don't go visit too often :nuts: Anyway, here are the pics...

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  2. Congrats!! I'm surprised they still had a VD Twiggy! Love it!!
  3. wow.. great purchases.. congrats:yahoo:
  4. Wow. Great finds! I didn't know they had older bags 'in the back'. I love the Blueberry. Congrats.
  5. wow such great finds! i love your bordeaux
  6. oh wow, great buys!
  7. Great purchases. I love the Blueberry first! Congrats :yahoo:
  8. congrats! i absoulutely love the vert d'eau twiggy!
  9. OMG! you are one lucky b-bag owner!
  10. WOW! An 05??? Congrats!!!
  11. The firsts are gorgeous..congats!
  13. oh wow im surprise they still have such old bags, i'm loving the Bordeaux!!
  14. Thank you everyone!

    I've had my SA pull out a few 06's a while back, but I was certainly surprised to see an 05! I had to check the tag... and even then I wasn't sure until I compared it to the pics here and sure enough!

    I think what happens is that they periodically do some type of inventory where they find a piece or two. The problem is, I never know what to ask for.
  15. wow! ~ congrats on some gorgeous purchases :love: