BalNY First stock -- some oldies left!

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  1. I called BalNY today and inquired about their First stock. I was surprised they still had some colors from previous seasons. Here's what they have as of 4/8 in the First style:

    tomato :nuts:
    vert thyme
    sky blue
    forest green
  2. wow... emerald, olive and marine!?!
  3. i'm assuming the olive is vert fonce?
  4. ^^ I think so too. Oh no....I have been wanting an olive bag....but the First is too small for me...
  5. emerald?! i wish i was rich!
  6. tomato and marine? oooh pretty! i wish these were day or city styles haha. dang it.
  7. some clarification:

    tomato is no longer available, as per Cynthia at BalNY in her email i received today.

    rouille is 06.

    vermillion - they have the 07 verm.

    they also have 06 "fire engine red". should be RV?
  8. Thanks for the update. Fire Engine Red sounds so tempting!!
  9. thanks for the info Jira!
  10. oohh a Marine? Thanks so much for the update.
  11. i wish the first was big enough to fit all my junk :sad:
  12. Thanks for the info Jira, tomato sounds gorgy...too bad it´s a first (great for my CC though,LOL):sad:

  13. thanks for the info Jira!
  14. heard from a UK member madaboutchloe that Anthra First is sold out as well.
  15. how much are they going for at bal?