BalNY fees?

  1. I would like to buy a city, but am wary of buying it in Barney's due to the questionable returned fake recently posted. I'd like to buy from BalNY since that would probably be the safest way to go. How much does BalNY charge for shipping (regular ground/not expedited)? Also, if I live in MA (where there is no BalNY), they won't charge me sales tax, right? Thanks so much!
  2. I'm not sure about Bal NY, but you could check Aloha Rag. They have free shipping and you wouldn't get charged sales tax.
  3. Pixie - Bal NY charges $15 for regular ground...and yes, if you live outside of NY there is no sales tax.
    What color city are you interested in? Good luck, and please post pics of your bag when you get a chance! :smile:
  4. o0o0o, yeah check out Aloha Rag they're good as BalNY but they dont charge for shipping!