BalNY Current stock (as of 7 Feb 07)

  1. Hey all,

    I received the following from Terry at BalNY this morning--thought I'd pass it along:

    Pre-Collection (arriving Dec-Feb 07): Black, White, Truffle(Mushroom), Grass, Vermillion,
    Seagreen, Marine, French Blue, and Natural.

    Collection:sad:arriving March-May 07) Periwinkle, Anthracite (steele grey
    w/blue under tones), Toffe, and Aqua Marine.

    Handbag (Dimensions in L"x W"xH") and Prices:
    First (13x2x6) $995
    City (15x3.5x10) $1195
    Giant City $1595
    Twiggy (14x6.5x7) $1095
    Day (16x5x13) $995
    Giant Day $1245
    Messenger (16x5x13) $1040 (same shape as the Day bag but with a long adjustable shoulder strap)
    Flap Messenger (12x5.5x13) square shape with long adjustable shoulder strap
    Work (18x5x13) $1385
    Giant Work $1725
    Weekender (21x9x15) $1495
    Men's Weekender (21x9x15) (longer handles to fit over shoulder)
    Bowling (12x3x15) $1185, Handles fit over shoulder, with zipper closure
    Mini Bowling (12x2.5x11) $1075 Handles fit over shoulder, with zipper closure
    Part Time (16x6x9) $1295(with shoulder strap)
    Giant Part-Time $1645
    Afternoon$1245 (14topx17bottomx6x13) (handles fit over shoulder)
    Mid-Afternoon$1195 (11topx14bottomx5x11) (handles fit over shoulder)
    Courier (13x8.5x12) $1175 (adjustable strap that fits across the body)
    Extra Courier (24x9x17) $1295 (adjustable strap that fits across the body)
    Brief (12top/17bottomx3x13) $1195
    Giant Brief $1595


    Currently In Stock:
    First: Vermillion, Grass Green, Seagreen, French Blue, Cafe, Natural,
    Oxblood, Forest Green,Cement, Fire Engine Red, Black,Pale Pink,
    White,Cornflower Blue, Emerald Green, Rust, Pale Lilac, Olive Brown

    City:Vermillion,Marine, Grass Green, Seagreen, Cafe, Natural, French
    Blue,Olive Brown, Oxblood, Forest Green, Truffle, Black,Lt. Olive, Pale
    Pink, White, Emerald Green, Caramel, Rust

    Giant City: Vermillion, Grass Green, Seagreen, Cafe, Natural, Black, French
    Blue, Marine, Truffle, White

    Twiggy: Grassgreen, Truffle, Olive Brown, Caramel, Black,Camel, Emerald,
    Pale Pink,White, Fire Engine Red,Vermillion

    Day: Caramel,Seagreen,French Blue, Blueberry, Oxblood, Forest Green,
    Truffle, Emerald, Olive, Camel, Black, Ink Blue, White, Cornflower Blue,
    Pale Pink, Ice Blue, Berry Red

    Giant Day: Vermillion, Grass Green, Seagreen, White, Natural, French Blue,
    Black, Truffle, Cafe

    Work: Black, Oxblood, Forest Green, Truffle, Natural, Emerald, White, Olive
    Brown, Cafe,Marine

    Giant Work: Vermillion, Grass Green, Seagreen, Cafe, Truffle, French Blue,
    Black, White, Natural, Marine
    Weekender:Black,Blueberry, Oxblood, Cement, Forest Green, Truffle, White,
    Ink Blue, Cornflower Blue,Grey,Pale Lilac, Berry Red,

    Weekender w/Longer Handles: Grey,Ink Blue,Chocolate, Black
    Messenger: Olive, Teal, Wine, Black, Ink Blue

    Flap Messenger: Black, Blueberry,

    Courier: Blueberry,Pale Pink,Cornflower Blue, Fire Engine Red, Grey, Black,
    Emerald Green, Caramel

    Extra Courier: Black,Truffle, Blueberry, Cement, Forest Green
    Box:Cornflower Blue, Blueberry, Oxblood, Cement, Forest Green, Truffle
    Shopping:Ivory, Ice Blue, Berry Red, Grey, Lite Olive, Dark Caramel,Emerald

    Purse: Forest Green,Truffle, Lite Olive,

    Bowling: Cement, Blueberry, Fire Engine Red, Black, Olive Brown

    Mini Bowling:Cement, Blueberry, Fire Engine Red, Black

    Afternoon:Caramel, White, Olive Brown, Black, Grassgreen, Seagreen,

    Mid-Afternoon:Caramel, White, Olive Brown, Black,Grassgreen, Seagreen,

    Part-Time:White, Black, Cafe,Truffle,Vermillion, Seagreen

    Giant Part-Time: White, Black, Truffle, Vermillion, Seagreen, Cafe,
    Natural, Marine, French Blue

    Brief: White, Black, Truffle, Vermillion, Seagreen, Cafe

    Giant Brief:White, Black, Truffle, Vermillion, Seagreen, Cafe, French Blue


    swatches 07 (3).jpg
  2. WOW!! thanks for the info!

    The prices made me realize how much we poor Canadians get ripped off at Holts. A First here and a Weekender at BalNY cost the same!! (Of course I know that the US$ in worth more than the CAN$ but the difference doesn't excuse THOSE prices!!). Thank goodness for eBay!
  3. Thanks very much!
  4. No prob! I'm "curious" about the "periwinkle"...I don't remember hearing about this color you guys think this is the 'bleu glacier'??
  5. hi L! thanks for the info! :smile:
  6. Yes, both names have been used to describe the same color.
  7. Thanks for the information Larnette.

    What is Berry Red? rouge theatre?

  8. maybe vermillion? not sure...
  9. Weekender w/Longer Handles: Grey,Ink Blue,Chocolate, Black

    OMG!!! is it the men's weekender? anyone know how much is it? i'm from out of states :sad:

  10. Of course, that's the only one for which a price wasn't listed! :cursing:

    Just give Terry a call at the store.
  11. $1495 is the price of the Men's Weekender

  12. Thanks Larnette !
  13. Aaaah, I would kill for a weekender in ink!!!

  14. thank u dear clake :love:

    how much difference is it with the ordinary weekender, except the longer handles and no mirror thing?
    is when a man wear it, it'll look more like a man's :p
  15. This list is great! Thanks, larnette, for forwarding it to us...